Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Employers That Will Make You Want to Pupdate Your Resume

Your pupper’s face when you leave for work is the saddest ever. (How are you supposed to explain that you’re leaving so you can support his expensive taste in bedding?) Fur-tunately, more and more employers are making tails wag with pro-pup pawlicies and dog-friendly workplaces. Here’s a pawful of ‘em in the Twin Cities metro. Let the office dog lounge decorating begin.


Dogs have been a part of Nerdery’s culture since the company was founded in 2003 and it’s one of the pup-friendliest workplaces ever.

The company has moved office spaces several times over the year but their open door dog policy hasn’t changed.

The Minne-apple office has between 20 to 40 pups paddin’ around on any given day. They’ve even hosted “Take Your Pet to Work Day,” adoption and rescue events.

There’s even a Slack channel for Nerdery pet parents to share photos and pupdates about their furry friends throughout the day. (Note: Sidewalk Dog followed pooch on this one immediately.)

And since 2013, the company’s held elections for Dog President of Nerdery. Voting’s digital to avoid any ballot-eating scandals.

Lola Red PR

Work can be ruff, but dogs have it easy at Minneapolis PR agency, Lola Red PR. Woofer’s first stop: the dog treat dispenser at the door, which also welcomes visiting pooches.

Next, work pups wag over to dibs one of the many designated dog chairs ‘n lounge areas. Then it’s time for a romp outside on the company patio and a lunchtime stroll around the Warehouse District.

With coworkers this furry, we pawdict glowing annual reviews.

Roepke Public Relations

When employees unanimously barked about wanting a dog-friendly office, this company delivered, moving the whole pack from LaSalle Plaza in downtown Minneapolis to its new North Loop digs. There’s outdoor space galore for workers ‘n woofers to walk and wag at Roepke Public Relations, and when the hoomans are working, the dogs are chillaxin’ to the max.

President Katherine Roepke is a dog mom of three and believes that “there are so many benefits to having dogs around.” No wonder lint rollers are in endless supply.


Besides their brand-spanking new office in Rochester, Google offers many perks, freebies, and culture-boosting benefits to their employees, one of which is bringing your pup to work with you.  This is a bones-only workplace—their office code of conduct even states cats are not allowed! 

Rumor even has it that team members (known as Googlers) call their furry officemates the Dooglers.


Whether you’re a small business owner, artist, freelancer, or remote worker, FLOCK is a 6,000-square-foot community-focused coworking space in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. FLOCK has a pup ton of amenities, including local coffee and treats, a podcast recording studio, office supplies, and community lunches…oh, and it’s dog-friendly! Whether you’re looking for a workplace when you and Fido need to get outta the house or a dedicated workspace every day of the month, FLOCK offers various memberships for pups of all needs. 

Honorable Mention: Collective Measures (formerly Nina Hale)

It’s not dog-friendly, but we’ve gotta give props to this Minneapolis digital marketing biz, Collective Measures, because it offers bone-a-fide furternity leave. Congratulations, it’s a puppy!

Know another dog-friendly employer in the Twin Cities metro? Bark at us in the comments so we can get ‘em added. And don’t furget to tag us @sidewalkdog in pics of your best coborkers!

Featured image: Lola Red PR

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