Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Bucket List for a Pandemic Summer

Shades on, tails up: after our housebound spring, you and your woofer deserve all the warm-weather adventures you can handle. Here are some safe pro-pooch outings to make your summer in the Cities mother-fluffin’ rad.

  1. Try biking with your dog. Here are 5 ways to do it.
  2. Chillax on a dog-friendly patio, but only if you’ll play by the rules in our Good Dog’s Guide to Patio Etiquette During COVID-19.
  3. Visit a dog-friendly brewery. (Psst: We’ve got a Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass fur that!)
  4. Go mutts sniffin’ butts at the dog parks and explore all they have to offer, like dedicated small-dog areas, night lights, and swimming. Here’s our ultimate guide and 12 tips for a grrreat time.
  5. Run or walk a socially distanced 5K9.
  6. And then go get ice cream together to celebrate your world-class athleticism. Or make your own tail-wagging treats: just freeze chicken broth in popsicle molds.
  7. Venture out on a hike. Here are 10 Minnesota trails we heckin’ ruv. And here are 11 tips fur a safe ‘n happy ex-paw-rience.
  8. Try Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) with your pup.
  9. Sniff out the freshest produce at a dog-friendly farmers market.
  10. Go camping at a dog-friendly state park.
  11. Take a road trip Pup North.

Got any more ideas to add to our dog-friendly Twin Cities bucket list for a pandemic summer? What are you and your dog most excited about? Woof at us in the comments, and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in all your adventures so we can ruv ‘em.

(Photo by Spencer Gurley on Pexels)

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