Cozy Up at These Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Bookstores

Dogs and books have a lot in common: They’re loyal companions that provide hours and hours of entertainment. (Plus, ever heard of dog-earing your pages?) And if there’s one thing we like even more than curling up on the couch with a good read and a good pup, it’s bringing that pup with to help pick out the next page-turner! We’ve rounded up some of the finest dog-friendly Twin Cities bookstores so you can do just that—even if your dog only reads vintage first-editions and Tolstoy in the original Russian.

Minneapolis Bookstores that Allow Dogs

Fill your snouts with new-book smell at these Minneapolis bookstores.

Birchbark Books
What else would you expect—it’s got bark right there in the name! This Minneapolis mainstay even has a section of its website dedicated to its employees’ dogs (and cats), who keep you up to date on the hottest reads in the canine and human community

Magers and Quinn
As the city’s largest indie bookseller and one of the longest-running, Magers and Quinn is practically synonymous with Uptown. That means you’re just about guaranteed to find a book here you’ll love, and it also means you and your literate pup can pop right in after a walk around Bde Maka Ska.

The Irreverent Bookworm
This quirky, cozy South Minneapolis newbie welcomes good dogs who want to page through the booming book selection with their humans. More like the Ir-ruff-erent Bookworm!

Eat My Words
If you’ve been to Eat My Words, you might have met Beto—he’s the landlord’s dog, and the pair are often found running through the store to the adjacent ceramics studio. But Beto isn’t the only pup allowed to browse the shelves, you can bring your furry friend too. 

DreamHaven Books and Comics
Do pup’s interests also include science fiction, fantasy, horror, and graphic novels? She’ll love it at DreamHaven, where well-behaved canines are welcome. 

St. Paul Bookstores that Allow Dogs

Journey to these St. Paul bookstores to find your next read (and which one has the best dog treat bowl). 

Next Chapter Booksellers
St. Paul’s largest independent bookstore—owned by a longtime St. Paul resident—also welcomes St. Paw residents. (And those from other cities, too, as far as we know. It’s not like they ask for a puppy passport at the door.)

Red Balloon Bookshop
For more than 35 years, this charming little woman-owned shop in St. Paul has been getting kids of all ages into books—and helping their grownup counterparts find reads they’ll love, too. Red Balloon’s delightful group of storytellers and booksellers welcome everyone, two- and four-pawed, into their Grand Avenue gem!

Half Price Books
This family-owned chain buys and sells anything printed or recorded except yesterday’s newspaper—books, CDs, LPs, DVDs, VHS, games, comics, stationery, journals, gifts, and much more! With six locations stretching across the metro from Apple Valley to Blaine, no matter where you and your furry book sniffer outer call home, a new treasure is always nearby at Half Price Books.

Subtext Books
Subtext is so dog-friendly even the dogs know it: “We have a whole stable of good doggos who pull their people into the store when they are on walks because the dogs know there are treats here,” says Subtext head buyer Matt Keliher.

Which of these Twin Cities bookstores is your pup’s favorite? Woof at us in the comments and don’t furget to tag #SidewalkDog in all her literary adventures.

Featured photo: Samson Katt

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