Dog-Friendly September Openings

Be it up-and-coming independent beers, beach vibes from a Chicago institution, or the opportunity to drink several tiny beers from an actual dog bowl, there are plenty of fresh spots to do a ‘splore. Three drool-worthy dog-friendly openings to check out with your pal? Now that’s something to yelp about.


Pilot Project
Pilot Project’s got a cool concept, sick patio, and an Instagram highlights reel of like 50-plus dogs already well before ever adding beer highlights (respect). Early reviewers of the brand-new Logan brewery incubator sure appreciate all the canine patrons, too. And its proximity to Bang Bang makes pie and yard hangs after you crush a spiked booch an obvious yes.


Reggies on the Beach
Reggies just opened a waterfront spin-off Labor Day, and pups are already digging the daqs. The new beach club, located at the 63rd Street beach, plans to stay open until the polar vortex of doom descends upon us (hopefully after what promises to be a pretty rad Halloween party). A veritable Chicago music institution, Reggies won’t be able to debut live bands till next year (obtaining these dang permits is enough to turn a girl’s snout gray, we swear). 


Midwest Coast Brewing
Crack open a cold one with the good boys at Midwest Coast Brewing, a welcome addition to the greater United Center area. With a pup in the logo, flights served out of a dog bowl, and an upcoming beer-and-adoption collab with One Tail at a Time, it’s safe to say your dog’s gonna get some 13/10 pets here. It’s the least we can do to repay him for blessing the taproom.

What other openings have your pal’s tail wagging? Woof at us in the comments and don’t forget to tag #sidewalkdog in your drinking and dining adventures!

(Photo by @midwestcoastbrewing)

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