Seattle: 3 Things to Do With Your Dog This Weekend

Hoppy Easter weekend, good boys and girls! The forecast looks like those canine and human Easter egg hunts may be out in the sun, but we’ve packed our weekend report with indoor AND outdoor activities just in case. Like “The Lion King” taught us: Be Prepared.

Bingo Brews & Barks (7 p.m., Friday, April 19) Anyone else notice that it’s nearly impawsible to find trivia/game/bingo nights in this city on the weekends? Like, what if we don’t wanna go out on a Tuesday because it’s a school night? That’s why we wagged our tails SO HARD when we heard that Burien’s Pit Stop Taproom & Pub not only did a mean Friday-night bingo sesh, BUT dogs were allowed AND proceeds went to The Squeaky Toy charity. PUP. YES.

“Buddy”: Dog-Friendly Screening (10:15 a.m., Saturday, April 20) Have you ever watched a dog movie and wished that you could reach over and snuggle the pup of your life during the sad parts?! Well NOW. IT’S. TIME. In fact, we think all major studios releasing dog movies should have dog-friendly showings like Grand Cinema does. This particular screening will be of “Buddy,” a movie that showcases the human-animal bond through the eyes of six service dogs and their humans.

Doggy Easter Egg Hunts (April 20 and 21, multiple locations) We have a whole separate article on this, and they’re happening all over the city so you’re bound to find something close to you. Think plastic eggs (all the safer for you, my dear) filled with dog noms and Fido racing around like it’s the best woofin’ day of his life. But then again, aren’t all days their best days? #jealous

What else is on your agendog this weekend? Doo tell. (And don’t forget to submit all of your pup-centric events to our calendar.) Happy adventuring, Sidewalk Doggers!

(Photo by Leonides Ruvalcabar)

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