6 Dog-Friendly Seattle Sightseeing Tours

With travel slowly creeping back to normal, it couldn’t be a better time to explore our own backyards. And why should floof be left out of that fun; we bring him everywhere else with us! Sniff out some of our favorite Seattle sightseeing tours in the city–some guided, some self-guided (but let’s be honest, if doggo is coming, all will really be pup-guided). 

1. Fisherman’s Terminal Brewery Tour

Diehard beer fans are sure to love this Airbnb Experience, starting at $70, in Seattle’s historic Fisherman’s Terminal neighborhood, the port where the North Pacific Fishing Fleet–and much of Seattle’s history as a maritime city–calls home. Floof is welcome not only on the walking part of the tour (about three-quarters of a mile), but also inside both the Figurehead and Rooftop breweries. You’ll enjoy six 4 oz. samples at each spot, while you and pup learn all about Seattle’s brewing history. 

2. Ice Cream Cruise on Seattle Water Tours 

It’s the sweetest cruise in Seattle! Every Sunday, the Ice Cream Cruise departs from Fremont Avenue for a 45-minute tour around Lake Union. First sailing departs at 11 a.m. and runs hourly until the last sailing at 4 p.m. The schedule stays the same, but adds a 5 p.m. cruise June 20 to Sept. 5. Saturday tours (11 a.m.-2 p.m.) are added in the summer.

It’s truly magical! $15 per person, $10 for kids, and $4 for 2 and under–but dergs can come aboard for free! You’ll be serenaded with facts about Seattle as you scream for (and eat, of course) ice cream.  

3. Public Peapod Program at The Center for Wooden Boats 

Center For Wooden Boats, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Topping the list is their new program to encourage people to get out on the water: the Public Peapod Program! Reserve a free, one-hour rowboat rental from the Center (dog-friendly, of course), and enjoy a self-guided tour of Lake Union. Warning: The rowing will all be up to you; no way princess is going to help.

4. Old Ballard Brewery Tour 

At a quarter-mile, we can hardly call this a “walking” tour, but it’s not this Airbnb Experience’s fault there are such iconic breweries so close to each other in Old Ballard! Throughout this 3-hour tour, you and pup’ll visit dog-friendly Reuben’s Brews, Peddler Brewing, and Lagunitas Brewery–each of which have garnered regional accolades for their beers. Enjoy samples at each brewery while you learn about Old Ballard’s Historic District and Seattle’s brewing history. Tour costs $70 per human.

5. Olympic Sculpture Park Walking Tour

Overlooking the Puget Sound and a stone’s throw away from the city center and Pike Place Market, the Olympic Sculpture Park is a radically undervalued Seattle gem. It’s owned and operated by the Seattle Art Museum, and is pawsitively littered with ever-changing sculptures from local, national, and international artists. For a self-guided tour, wind your way with Fido throughout the 9 acres, over the glass bridge (Teresita Fernandez’s Seattle Cloud Cover), then rest by the iconic bright red sculpture that peppers most Seattle calendars and postcards (Alexander Calder’s The Eagle). You and doggo’ll walk away with some exercise and education!

6. Kenmore Air Flightseeing Tours

For the more adventurous pups who want to tour Seattle by sky, Kenmore Air offers multiple ‘flightseeing’ tours: a Scenic Seaplane Tour, Mount St. Helens Tour, Olympic Peninsula Tour, and more. One pet is allowed per flight (dog or even cat!), so book early to be the first to nab that coveted dog seat.

Where are your favorite Seattle sightseeing tours? Bark at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Mathew Coulton

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