Dog-Friendly Seattle Gardens and Arboretums

Planning to let your pup sniff out some new scenery this spring? We’ve tracked down some must-visit dog-friendly Seattle gardens and arboretums. Don’t forget to take Insta pics to make your dog’s followers jealous.

UW Cherry Blossoms 

A Seattle staple, the cherry blossoms that fill the quad at University of Washington are absolutely stunning, and not to be missed. Because of social distancing and the pandemic, please don’t rush the university on busy weekend days! The blossoms are just as gorgeous at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, and pup has more time for pics if she’s got the place to herself. The different varieties bloom February through May, and you and floofer can even snuggle on the couch to view them virtually this year.

Skagit Valley Tulips

Frenchie dog at Skagit Valley Tulips
Tulip-y fields forever… | @diva.darla

What’s a year in the Pacific Northwest without a trip to Tulip Town in Skagit Valley? After almost closing in 2020, the crowd favorite is back and better than ever. A new generation of tulip lovers swooped in last minute to save the farm they’d known their whole lives. Thank dog!

WA Park Arboretum 

C’mon, there’s a squirrel! | @lilo_lovebug

Sure, your pupper really only needs one flower in the photo to look good, but why not throw in 230 acres just in case? The Botanic Gardens at Washington Park Arboretum offers you and your little model a gorgeous living museum of plants, some found nowhere else in the Northwest! 

Gasworks Park

Doing the howl of my people. | @msmetadog

Sun shining, Lake Union glistening in the distance, a picnic blanket with the fixins for a charcuterie board–oh, and the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States of course! Err, even if that last part isn’t in your picture of a perfect day, just trust us on this one. On a sunny day, you’ll have one of the best views in Seattle. And with plenty of open fields to run and play, even floof’ll agree. 

Kubota Garden

A true gem of south Seattle, this 20-acre Japanese garden created in 1927 is free to all hoomans and leashed pups. While there, you and doggo can sniff out nine ponds, two red bridges, 140 Maples, and 30 hydrangea varieties!

dog-friendly Seattle gardens: golden retriever under bell at Kubota Garden
Un-bell-ievable! | @elio.thegoldenboi

Where are you and pup’s fave springtime jaunts? Let us know in the comments and pawlease tag @sidewalkdog in all your floral floofer photos!

Featured photo: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined

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