5 Seattle Garden Stores That Welcome Plant-Loving Pups

As the fast pace of Emerald City life trots along, it’s important to remember to stop and snarf the flowers once in a while. Luckily, friendly neighborhood garden stores are chock full of earthy, floral aromas, inviting outdoor decor, and all the supplies a gardener and their best friend could possibly need to start rolling around in the dirt. Check out these Seattle plant shops for all your dog-friendly plant needs.

Tips for Taking Your Pup to Seattle Garden Stores

Before we get started, there are a few things to remember: your pup should be on his very best behavior and on a leash at all times. Remain attentive to your pup, as some plants, like tulips, azaleas, and lilies, are toxic to doggos. (ASPCA has a full list of dog-toxic plants.) Head to our shops directory for more deets and even more dog-friendly shops! Alright, on to the good stuff.

Dog-Friendly Seattle Garden Stores

1. Urban Feed and Garden 

Is your best friend a dog or a plant? No need to choose at Urban Feed in Beacon Hill, but if puppo isn’t a cat person, we’d suggest keeping him at home! Along with stacks of the most nutrient-rich soil you’ll find this side of the Mississippi, you’ll encounter the shop’s resident kitties! 

2. Swansons Nursery 

If there was such a thing as an OG Seattle Plant Store, it would be Swansons. Open since 1924, we feel pretty confident saying that the massive Ballard store likely has every single possible thing you and your pupper could need for the ultimate backyard, or as doggo likes to call it, playground.

3. Molbak’s Garden Plus Home 

When you think about Woodinville, you probably immediately think of wine tasting. Fair! But may we suggest you expand your knowledge of the city to include Molbak’s, the cutest garden and home store you ever may see? While you’re there picking up soil and supplements, stay for a bite at the garden cafe (now open at 25% capacity), won’t you? 

4. Plant Shop

Capitol Hill’s Plant Shop specializes specifically in tropical plants, which is especially rewarding when, you know, we can’t actually go anywhere tropical right now. It’s no Mai Tai, but a cute lil’ cactus on your desk is kinda the same, right? Go with us here. No walk-ins; must have an appointment to stop by.

5. Magnolia Garden

A garden store for you, and a gift shop for floof?! What could be better? Magnolia Garden has all the plants your dog could possibly want to pee on, and then more. Indoor and outdoor plants, shrubs and trees, edibles like fruits, veggies, and herbs, and soils, compost, and bark. See? Told ya they had everything.

Get out there and enjoy these dog and earth-friendly spots! We want to see pics of your pups enjoying the garden stores–be sure to tag them with #SidewalkDog on Instagram.

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