14 Seattle Breweries That Allow Dogs Indoors

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Whether it’s heckin’ hot, cold, or you just don’t want to be outside, you can still enjoy a brewski with your pup. Brush up on dog-friendly taproom etiquette—then check out these Seattle breweries where the beer is always cold, the welcome is always warm, and there are always pats for good doggos.

1. Cloudburst Brewing

Unique brews and pawesome decor make you wanna sit ‘n stay a while at Cloudburst. Then hop pupboard the dog-friendly Alki water taxi to glide over to Alki. You can pick your poison, whether it be renting some kayaks from the Marination Station or cruising the Alki trail for some epic Seattle skyline views.

2. The Woods Tasting Room

This spot ruvs the pooches so much, they make treats for ’em out of the brewery’s spent grains. Also on tap at The Woods: grub from Bread & Circuses, brewery games, and plenty o’ seating for packs of all sizes

3. Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co

Do you and Fido ruv to kick it old-school? Bad Jimmy’s features a pinball arcade and Nintendo 64. Complete the full Ballard experience with a quick stroll over to the Ballard Locks, a must-see and one of the area’s most pup-ular tourist attractions.

4. Burke Gilman Brewing Co

Ciders, beers, and board games abound at Burke Gilman. Wanna keep adventuring? Head over to “The Ave” just a mile away for some mid-afternoon coffee or boba tea.

5. Fremont Brewing

Staff and other patrons love the doggo guests at Fremont Brewing! Come for the beer, stay fur free pretzels and apples. Everyone knows Fremont is a solid spot for breweries, and Ballard is right next door, so may as well make it a pup crawl.

6. Ghostfish Brewing

GF hoomans will puppreciate the gluten-free beer selection, and doggos will love pats from the Ghostfish staff. Extend your outing by heading over to the West Seattle Bridge to Westcrest Park; one of the best off-leash dog parks in the county, featuring a fenced scenic loop complete with small doggy tunnels and an obstacle course. 

7. Hellbent Brewing

Greet the resident brewery Labrador, then make yourselves comfy at this taproom featuring a variety of ciders and beers. If you’re feeling adventurous afterwards, you can hit up Magnuson Off-Leash Dog Park just a few miles away. Pro tip: BYO towel if your pup ruvs the water. 

8. Peddler Brewing

Dog-friendly, food trucks, board games, and cornhole–what more could you as for? Oh wait, they’re also a haven for cyclists if you’re into that kinda thing. Get some Peddler brews, and a tune-up if you’re traveling on a bike.

9. Lowercase Brewing

Lowercase Brewing loves the woofers so much, it hosts dog-focused events on the regular. Oxbow Park and its unique sculptures are a 12-minute walk if you’re pup for taking some fun selfies with your pooch.

10. Lucky Envelope Brewing

All the good doggos score treats from the staff at Lucky Envelope Brewing. Afterward, hit up gorgeous Green Lake, a Seattleite-must any time of year.

11. Outer Planet Brewing

Treats and water bowls make Outer Planet Brewing a doggone good time. Also, you can’t hang out in Cap Hill without making a routine stop at Dick’s Drive-In nearby for burgers and milkshakes.

12. Postdoc Brewing

Let pupper be your teammate during Postdoc‘s trivia competitions. To celebrate your win, make your way over to Marymoor Off Leash Dog Park for a good post-brew romp.

13. Ravenna Brewing

Come to Ravenna Brewing fur the IPAs, stay fur the board games and free pretzels. Ravenna Park (a hidden treat in the city) is just a short walk away.

14. Seattle-Lite Brewing Company

Plenty of wine, craft brews, snacks, and pats from the pup-lovin’ staff make this spot a guaranteed barktacular time. Next, head over to the Westcrest Park, which features a fenced scenic loop complete with some small doggy tunnels and an obstacle course.

Know of other Seattle breweries that welcome dogs inside? Woof at us in the comments!

Featured photo: vgajic

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