5 Dog-Friendly Seattle Boutiques

As more and more shops begin to open up (paws crossed!), we’re so looking forward to hitting the town and sniffing out the best goods with our re-tail partner in crime. Here are five dog-friendly Seattle boutiques that’ll welcome your doggo and have you outfitted head to toe (but remember, you already have the best accessory there is). 

Note: In-store shopping is limited to 25% of store capacity per the Governor’s orders, so be pupared to wait outside for a teeny bit if any of these are crowded when you arrive.

1. Alair Seattle Gift Shop

If you live on the “Accidental Island,” otherwise known as West Seattle, you’ve likely heard of Alair. If you haven’t, congrats! Today is your lucky day. They’re quirky, funny, and rep West Seattle HARD. Oh, and not only do they allow your hairy fren (no matter how fashionable) to join you in browsing, they even profile a Dog of the Day on their Instagram. Does your pup have what it takes to make the ‘gram?

2. Horseshoe Boutique 

Horseshoe offers everything from clothing to jewelry, apothecary items, and masks. And they even provide personalized styling appointments. While the styling services aren’t for pup, word on the streets is Horseshoe’s generous with the doggy treats.

3. Fleurt Collective

Does your doggo give kisses to everyone you meet out on walks? We love that for her (and everyone she meets), and she’ll fit right in at Fleurt. The family-owned boutique in the heart of West Seattle specializes in plants, apothecary, and paper goods. Need an extra special card for an extra special someone? Shop Fleurt. Need a plant friend or two to tide you over until you can see your real friends? Shop Fleurt. 

4. Pipe and Row

Silver lining: Sweats are now fashion.” With that simple acknowledgement, Pipe and Row speaks directly to our hearts. We feel seen, we feel heard, and even your pup’ll feel appreciated while shopping this Fremont staple. Curated in partnership with local artists (so you know it’s good) P&R is all about helping you find those staple pieces that can stay in your wardrobe forever. You know who understands staples that last forever? Your pupper and his trusty collar.

5. Lika Love

You know who knows that confidence comes from within? Your dog, and Malika Siddiq, owner of the wonderful Lika Love boutiques in West Seattle, Madison Valley, and Queen Anne. While the boutique carries all the boutique-y things (women’s apparel, handbags, jewelry, and accessories), they also believe in making boutique shopping fun (which is great for those of us who are scared we’ll take out a shelf with our dog leash). Well-behaved floofers are allowed in all the locations. In-store shopping times are currently limited due to COVID-19 precautions. 

Any of these Seattle boutiques on your fren’s agendog? Give us a howl in the comments or at our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Anna Elizabeth

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