Pup’s Guide to a Weekend in Dog-Friendly Portland

This article is a part of our On The Road series, sponsored by Tall Tails and Kurgo. I adopted my dog, Nora, in 2016 from One Tail at a Time in Chicago. She was a rescue from Alabama, a state with a high euthanasia rate. As we come up on our five-year anniversary this summer, we’re celebrating with the ultimutt road trip. Follow along with our yappy trails as I take Nora on a solo road trip to see the ocean.

It’s a hard job being cute, and while your pup can never truly leave work (he just can’t help it!), it’s time for a vacation. While PTO may not be a concern for doggo since he’s paid in treats, it may be for you. Luckily, Portland is the perfect place to explore for a long weekend. Read on about how to have the perfect weekend in dog-friendly Portland! 

Pack Your Bags

It may only be a night or two, but pup still has needs. You know he can’t sleep without his favorite stuffie. For a night away, we love the Tall Tails Everyday Tote Bag, which is the perfect size for toting his food, treats, and toys with plenty of pockets for all the extras like a bone for the road and his meds. For any blanket hogs, don’t forget to pack his own Tall Tails Fleece Blanket so you don’t need to share yours (and to help him feel comfortable in a new space)! In case pup isn’t the biggest on sharing a bed, the Kurgo Loft Wander Dog Bed conveniently rolls up, and is perfect for weekend getaways. 

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Where to Snooze in Dog-Friendly Portland

While we’ve seen pup sleep everywhere from the sidewalk to halfway off the couch, you’re not as talented as he is. You’re in luck, since Portland has plenty of dog-friendly accommodations that’ll have you so comfy, the weekend may turn into more.

Hotel Rose – A StayPineapple Hotel

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but Hotel Rose stands out from the bunch for its dog-friendly digs. All StayPineapple hotels are dog-friendly, and Hotel Rose is really friendly. Canine guests are welcomed with personalized signage in the lobby and *of course* as many complimentary treats as they want (or their pawrents will give them). In case you forget any of the essentials, they’ve got the basics you can borrow for the night. 

There are no weight restrictions, but a $25/night pet fee. 

Ace Hotel

There’s a reason why this hotel is called Ace–their pet policy is the best. What is it exactly? That they accept pets (no size restrictions or extra fees). Okay cool, we can work with that. If your dog likes to walk (which he probably does), Ace Hotel is located in the extremely walkable and hip Pearl District. With a bevy of breweries, patios, and parks in this neighborhood, we guarantee plenty of sniffs for him.

Where to Drink in Dog-Friendly Portland

Wet pup’s whistle at one of these dog-friendly establishments.

The Growler Guys

You’re only here for a weekend, so let’s be efficient. With so many breweries in Oregon, The Growler Guys in South Waterfront is *the* spot to try over 50 brews on tap from Portland and the Pacific Northwest. 

Unfortunately only their semi-covered patio is dog-friendly, so you’ll need a buddy to pup-sit Princess outside.

Lucky Lab

Despite your initial thoughts, Lucky Lab was not specifically named after the dog breed but because the owners thought they’d be “as lucky as dogs” if they were able to pull off opening a brewery. Nowadays, you’re the lucky one since you can check out any of their three Portland locations and try their fun, inventive beers. 

While dogs are not allowed inside their pubs, dogs are allowed on all patios. Their Hawthorne Brew Pub and Quimby Beer Hall both have covered patios in case you and your pupper visit on a rainy day. 

Fido’s Tap House 

Technically, Fido’s Tap House isn’t in Portland, but it’s so cool we’re including it anyways. Fido’s is the world’s first dog tap house–it’s a craft beer bar, but there are also adoptable dogs living on-site. Besides fostering dogs, Fido’s also has regular events like bingo night, trivia, and open mics. While your own dog can’t come inside, they’re welcome to pawty on the outdoor patio. It’s only a 10-minute drive outside of Portland, so why not eat, drink, and support pups finding their forever home?

Note: COVID restrictions may impact if there are dogs being fostered on-site, and if you can interact with them. Call ahead to make sure adoptable pups are ready to meet the adoring public!

Where to Play in Dog-Friendly Portland

May as well rename the city Pupland with all the fun things you can do with your dog!

Waterfront Park

We sure drove a long way to see a skinny Lake Michigan. | @norpup

Take a stroll along the Willamette River via the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This park has it all, with views of Portland’s famous steel bridges, the Salmon Street Springs fountain (for the water pups!), and depending on the season, cherry blossom trees. 

Portland White Stag Sign

We’re sure you’ll have plenty of other pictures for the ‘gram, but just to make sure your followers know that you’re on vacay, don’t forget to grab a photo with the Portland, Oregon White Stag sign atop the White Stag Building in downtown. It’s just a quick excursion off the Waterfront Park Trail, worth the sniffs.

Mt. Tabor Park

Not everypuppy can say that they’ve been on top of a volcano before, and your dog wants bragging rights with her dog park friends. Portland’s Mt. Tabor is extinct, but the park is paved with volcanic cinder, so you can still say you walked on ancient lava!

There are three trails of varying lengths, so you can hike (or stroll) to your heart’s content; if Princess still has some energy to burn, there’s even a fenced, off-leash dog park we’re sure she’ll lav-a.

What are your favorite things to do in dog-friendly Portland? Woof at us in the comments and tag us #SidewalkDog on your adventures!

Featured photo: ToNic-Pics

Safe and enjoyable travels for you and your pet are Kurgo’s passion. As the founders put it, “We never create a product unless we think it solves a real need, is original or a major improvement on what’s on the market, and can stand the test of time.” Their products come with a lifetime guarantee, which means you’ll never have to leave your BFF behind.

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