5 Dog-Friendly Places With WiFi in Seattle

Since shutting their doors in 2020, many businesses have yet to transition back to full-time, in-office work (and some don’t plan to). If you and pup are tired of working from your guest bathroom closet–or whatever temporary office you’ve made for yourself at home–here are five dog-friendly places with WiFi in Seattle for you and pup to set up shop and get down to business.

1. Victrola Coffee Roasters 

Each Father’s Day, without fail, my Dad asks for a bag of Victrola coffee. He’s not alone–many consider it some of the best in the city! Know what else about Victrola isn’t too shabby? Their Capitol Hill cafe, always bustling with friendly chatter, cute pups, and amazing people watching. If you’re able to snag a table at this popular spot, we suggest you post up for the whole day! They’re hard to come up. Oh, and pick up some coffee for my Dad, will ya?

2. Fresh Flours Bakery & Cafe 

The heart of Seattle lies in its small, independent businesses, many of which are cafes because #Seattle. One of my favorites is Fresh Flours, the small but mighty bakery that has successfully expanded from West Seattle to Beacon Hill, Phinney Ridge, and South Lake Union. The dream is still small and simple though: perfecting the craft of pastries, all made fresh each morning in their West Seattle kitchen. Each of their cafes (now all open 100% in-house!) have ample room for working, and space for pup to relax. Warning: If you sit close to the pastry case, we can’t promise you’ll get much work done…

3. Sip House

Sip House’s uber cute University District space is the definition of Instagrammable, but if you think it stops there, wait until you see their drinks. Unreal! Sip specializes in gorgeous, almost-too-beautiful-to-sip Vietnamese coffees and teas. Recently reopened for dine-in, we can’t think of a better vibe for you and doggo.

4. Bark! Espresso

Love your dog a latte? Pooches are always welcome inside and outside at this café, so they can enjoy extra pats while you get caffeinated. Sit in the dog-friendly section of the shop to maximize doggo’s experience and get some work done while he indulges in pooch lattes and free biscuits.

5. Fulcrum Coffee Cafe 

If you’re a coffee diehard, you’ll have recognized the name “Fulcrum” right away. As in, Fulcrum Roaster, makers behind three of Seattle’s most well known coffee brands: Silver Cup, Urban City Coffee, and Fulcrum Coffee. What you may not have known? Apart from providing beans to a large number of independent cafes, they have their own coffee shop in Belltown! Well spaced out, with a calming ambiance and great menu, Fulcrum is where you and pup should head if you want no distractions (other than puppy boops, of course).

Where’s your favorite place to work with floof? Bark in the comments, and tag @sidewalkdog next time you’re there.

Featured photo: Cookie The Pom

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