7 Mutts-Sea Dog-Friendly Pacific Northwest Beaches

Is your land creature ready to try out those sea legs? You’ve packed the beach towels and her fave toys, so now you just have to pick the spot! We sniffed out these dog-friendly Pacific Northwest beaches so you and pup can plan the pawfect aquatic adventure. 

Note: We verified these beaches are open and dog-friendly, but remember to keep pup on leash where posted, maintain distance from wildlife, and pick up any messes. 

Pssst, your car is def gonna get sandy so check out our recs to keep your car clean during a road trip. 

Seattle’s Dog-Friendly Beach

1. Magnuson Park Beach 

This is ’bout to be your lapper’s new fave spot. Magnuson Park Beach is the largest off-leash dog park and only floof-friendly swimming spot in the city. The almost 9 acres of play space includes fully fenced water access, walking trails, a flat play area, water stations, and a special section for smol frys and shy guys. Woofhoo! 

After you’ve worked up an appetite, check out nearby Norm’s Eatery and Ale House where leashed doggos are welcome inside. Order noms off the doggy menu—treatos are essential after a good swim! 

P.S. For more Seattle swimmies, check out these other spots for your water-lovin’ woofer.

Dog-Friendly Washington Beaches 

2. Fay Bainbridge State Park 

You and Captain Woof have a ferry to Bainbridge Island to catch (pet ferry info). On the northern end of Bainbridge Island is the sand-sational Fay Bainbridge State Park where you and doggo can frolic on 1,420 ft of shoreline (pup must be on leash or within 8 ft of handler). Sniff out some seaweed or paws and reflect on the Puget Sound and Cascade views. Pupper’s got dibs on the seaweed! Wanna make it an overnight trip? Check out the dog-friendly Inn at Pleasant Beach

3. Ruby Beach 

Ruby Beach is a scent smorgasbord for your sniffer. She’s got a mile of sandy beach to run (on leash), sea stakes to head tilt at, giant driftwood trees to climb, and tide pools to explore. She may follow her nose, but we’d follow those sandy paw prints anywhere! Extend your vacay at the dog-friendly Kalaloch Lodge in Forks. We’re sure your lil’ werewolf will protect you from any local vampires. 

4. Long Beach Peninsula 

Get ready for the longest beach on a peninsula in the world! Long Beach Peninsula boasts 28 miles of coastline that would leave any fluffer feelin’ fine. So much beach to run (on leash) and so little time, but we know she’s up to the challenge. Plus, she’s lovin’ that sandy coat look. If pooch is pooped after the first few miles and an overnight is needed, we recommend the dog-friendly Adrift Hotel. After you book, just email them your reservation number and let them know pup’s comin’ too. 

Note: Long Beach is also the world’s longest drivable beach, so make sure your speed racer keeps a safe distance.

Dog-Friendly Oregon Beaches

5. Nye Beach

You wouldn’t de-nye your pup a trip to Nye Beach in Newport, would ya? Fido can’t wait to watch the sunrise on the beach, woof encouragement to the local surfers, and do some seashell huntin’. Maybe you’ll even spot a seal, the pup of the sea. That’ll really seal the beach deal! If the sand and sea suit you and your BFF, stay a little longer at the dog-friendly Hallmark Inn

6. Seaside Beach

Seaside is the ultimutt beach destination for curious canines. Your floof can enjoy sunset walks (on leash) on the beach or oceanfront promenade, help folks dig for clams, do a little boogie boardin’, or even sniff out the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail. Howl helpful! Seaside will have pup sayin’ ’tis the sea-sun for the beach year-round. Is pupper insisting she needs to find a couple more sand dollars before you leave? Book a stay at the dog-friendly Seaside Inn

7. Lincoln Beach 

Lucky for your rarin’ rover, there’s Lincoln Beach access everywhere you turn in Lincoln City. Hit the sand running (on leash) and enjoy a beach day of sniffs, seagulls, and tail-wags. Make sure you keep an eye out for the magical “Finders Keepers” hand-blown glass floats that Lincoln City hides in the bay for beachcombers (buddy thinks beachcombing is way more fun than the combing he gets at home). Wanna make a weekend of it? Extend your stay at the dog-friendly Coho Lodge

What are your sand digger’s fave dog-friendly Pacific Northwest beaches? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog in pics of your furbabe’s beach days! 

Featured photo: Tom Morales

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