Dog-Friendly Oak Park Drinking + Dining

There comes a time in every dog’s life when he feels the call to venture into the great unknown; to go out west to find out what he’s really made of. That’s right–your dog wants to visit Oak Park. Here are 5 of our favorite dog-friendly picks for those brave enough to make the arduous journey.

Sugar Fixe Patisserie

Your pup has probably never tried a French Macaron, but she already knows they are her *favorite* (and kindly requests that you do a gib now). Although she can’t try the Nutella one (sorry, kid), there are plenty of yummo flavors like pistachio, raspberry, and salted caramel to keep her tail waggin’. She’s welcome to enjoy the patio as you treat her to a rotating selection of scones, croissants, cakes, cookies, brioche, and more. If you’re good, she may even save ya a bite or two.

Beer Shop

The only thing sweeter than 16 revolving brewskis on tap is tryin’ every single one while petting your dog. Add in 250 packaged beers (that you can drink in the store!), specially selected ciders and wines, coffee, and pastries on the weekends, and we’re in dog-friendly heaven. No kitchen here, but your leashed pup is totally welcome to bring snackies from neighboring restaurants (his treat this time, right?).

Cucina Paradiso

If you haven’t tried the Hemingway District Daiquiri, have you even visited Oak Park? Italian favorite (and Open Table Diner’s Choice for the last three years) Cucina Paradiso packs an impressive lineup of foodie favorites as well as craft cocktails, wine, cordials, and scotch. And with real heckin’ good weekly specials (our favorite just might be the free pasta doggy bag with any pasta order on Sundays), you guys just might find yourselves makin’ the trip again and again. So go on, fellow dog-lovers–share a plate Lady and the Tramp style. We totally get it.

Lake Street Kitchen + Bar

Lake Street Kitchen + Bar’s lush patio is basically what ours would look like if we could ever access our leash hands while in the garden department at Home Depot and actually keep said plants alive for longer than 10 minutes. You’ll have a ball chowing down whether you visit for brunch or dinner, and your pup will enjoy sneaking bites under your outdoor table (charcuterie for a cutie?). With a solid spirits list (we’re talking tequila flights, people!), we think this is a pawsitively perfect place to unwind. 

Petersen’s Ice Cream

What dog-friendly day would be complete without melty-yummy-drippy-sticky-licky ICE CRM?! With all your old-fashioned frozen favorites (banana splits! Mackinac Island fudge!), outdoor tables, and an old-school neon sign that’ll make your pup light up like an Instagram dream, Petersen’s is a must-nom. Woofle cones for everydoggy!

What other burbs does your pup wanna ‘splore? Give us a ruff-down in the comments and submit all of your pup-centric events to our calendar. Happy travels!

(Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash)

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