Take Pup to Dog-Friendly Minnesota Drive-In Theaters

Is your dog always going on and on about his Criterion Channel subscription and the latest upcoming releases from A24? Get that movie-loving mutt to a drive-in theater! Even if you’re more of a Marvel gal than your Kubrick-fan canine, there are Maltipoo dog-friendly Minnesota drive-in theaters for you both to enjoy.

Bringing Your Dog to a Drive-In Movie

Before you sign up for a doggone double-feature, there are some things to take into account. Is your dog good around big crowds, cars, and other pups? Will they be able to keep it cool while leashed for the length of a movie? (Almost every drive-in movie theater out there asks that dogs stay leashed during your visit.) Most drive-ins have a corner designated for doing business—you don’t want that to go down near your fellow movie-goers—so be sure to bring bags, and maybe a flashlight in case you need to take a walk mid-movie. 

A few other drive-in de-tails—many are cash only, so make sure you have enough on hand for your entry fee and for any snacks you want to chow down on, as most also politely request that you don’t bring in outside food and drink. Try to get there early, as theaters can fill up long before showtime. This’ll also give you time to find your spot and hit the concessions stand. 

Also, figure out your seating arrangement beforehand. If you have a truck with a big bed or a roomy SUV with a big trunk, this might be as easy as stashing blankets and pillows, but smaller compact cars could require lawn chairs or other external seating. Check the theater’s website beforehand to make sure you know what kinds of seating are allowed and can plan to park in the appropriate place—big pickups and hatchbacks are typically required to occupy the back rows. 

And now, our feature presentation… 

Dog-friendly Drive-In Movie Theaters in Minnesota

Starlite Drive-In – Litchfield

Starlite, star brite, first star I see tonite…can I bring my pup to your drive-in movie theater? Absolutely! Starlite Drive-In 5 in Litchfield welcomes canine moviegoers. Starlite has two screens that show different double-features, so whether it’s action or adventure, drama or a love story that your canine craves, they’ll likely be accommodated here. (Just remind them that Homeward Bound isn’t in theaters anymore.)

Verne Drive-In – Luverne

Don’t skimp on the concessions at Verne Drive-In—this place has everything from corn dogs and pork shanks to fried jalapeno poppers and chicken strips. Just bring treats for the doggo, too, lest you end up fending off your four-legged friend! Check their Facebook for the most up-to-date info on opening hours each week. 

Long Drive-In Theatre – Long Prairie

Drive-In theaters are rare enough as it is these days, but Long Drive-In has a feature that’s even harder to find: It’s one of the only ones in America that lets you stay overnight. Outdoorsy dogs and humans are able to reserve space ahead of time, and crash in a camper, RV, or tent depending on your preference for ruffing it. 

Sky-Vu Drive-In – Warren

Not much has changed at Sky-Vu Drive-In since the family-run theater opened in the 1970s. And that includes the prices! Snack bar staples like “Shorty’s Valley famous BBQ Sandwich” go for just 4 bucks (5 with cheese), and “Beaver’s ‘East of the Border’ Nachos” are also just $4 (or $5 to get ‘em topped with BBQ).

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Featured photo: Tim Hall

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