4 Dog-Friendly Minneapolis Record Stores for the Music-Loving Pup

Where our audophiles at? If you’re looking for dog-friendly record stores near you where pup can help you hunt for your next great find, we gotchu! She no longer needs to howl with envy when you head out in search of new or vintage records to add to your collection. Don’t stop believin’ or retrievin’ with these 4 Minneapolis record stores that love doggos.

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1. SolSta Records

Formerly known as Solid State, SolSta Records is an award-winning record store run by a canine-loving couple. Solsta Records connects both casual and experienced music and vinyl aficionados with new and intriguing sonic experiences. From their partnerships with local visual artists and musicians to their traveling vinyl schoolbus you might’ve seen around the Twin Cities, this is a mutts stop. Plus, they have treatos at the counter for your furry shopping partner!

2. Hymie’s Vintage Records

Hymie’s was first opened in 1988 by an avid record collector, Jim “Hymie” Peterson, whose legend has been carried on by employees who have maintained the business and even saved it from extinction. With diverse eclectic records from almost all genres, this old-fashioned shop will be easy for floof to get lost in. Tired of your current record collection? Hymie’s also buys and trades vinyl so pupper can keep on curating and head banging!

3. HiFi Hair

It’s like peanut butter and jelly, but better! HiFi Hair merges music and fashion by allowing you to get your paws on phenomenal hairstyles for your head and an expansive record collection for your ears. There’s punk-rock decor (we ruv the cheetah print salon chairs), classic rock tunes coming from the vintage LP jukebox, and plenty of vinyl to sniff out. At this gem, pup’ll feel like a total rockstar. 

4. Extreme Noise Records

A volunteer-run co-op that also reinvests all profits into the store and the local punk community? Yes pawlease! Extreme Noise Records started as an idea in the winter of 1993-94 by local punks who were fed up with the lack of a punk record store in the Twin Cities. And although they opened on April Fools’ Day 1994, this shop is no joke. Between carrying a variety of punk-rock tunes and hosting the occasional live band, Extreme Noise is bound to have something for every punk-rock pup.

Did we miss your fave dog-friendly record store in the Twin Cities? Bark at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog when you and doggo score sweet finds!

Featured photo: Moshe Schneider

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