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By now many Twin Citizens know that dog-friendly patios abound in the metro. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse (and let’s face it: Minnesota has a year-round way of keeping us on our toes), we still want to keep those puppers socialized and stimulated.

What’s a human-hound duo to do when a patio date just isn’t going to happen? Here are some of the indoor spots that welcome Spot.

Twin Cities Breweries That Allow Dogs Indoors

The only thing that could make MN’s craft-brewery scene more exciting is being able to enjoy those happening taprooms with your pup. A number of local breweries welcome your dog indoors in addition to on the patio.

Twin Cities Coffee Shops That Allow Dogs Indoors

If you’re in need of a little boost on the way to the dog park, let your pup join you inside one of these coffee shops. Our readers rave about In The Loop Coffee, where they’re ready to welcome you with water bowls and organic doggy treats at the counter. Super duper important: Dog-friendly coffee shops are a bit of a gray area, legally speaking. Take extra care to make sure your pup is leashed, friendly, cleaned-up-after, and on the floor at all times.

Minnesota Distilleries That Allow Dogs Indoors

Minnesota is now home to poodles of distilleries, many of which welcome your pup inside. Sniff ’em out here.

Minnesota Boutiques and Malls That Allow Dogs Indoors

Dreams do come true. Seven Points welcomes pups indoors for walking hours, and several Minnesota malls love fur-legged customers. Nearly 200 shops will let you have your dog in tow. And of course, the majority of pet food stores are ready to welcome Fido, too.

And if your pooch prefers indoor options that’ll give him those off-leash feels, we’ve got those too

Notice a place we missed? Woof at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities Facebook Group.

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