These Twin Cities Hotspots Allow Dogs Indoors

Cabin fever cured.

By now, many Twin Citizens know that dog-friendly patios abound in the metro. But when the weather takes a turn for the worse (and let’s face it: Minnesota has a year-round way of keeping us on our toes), we still wanna keep our puppers socialized and stimulated.

What’s a human-hound duo to do when a patio date just isn’t going to happen? Here’s a tour through some of the indoor spots that welcome Spot:

  • Breweries. The only thing that could make MN’s craft-brewery scene more exciting is enjoying those happening taprooms with your pup. A number of local breweries welcome your dog indoors in addition to on the patio. Fetch our Dog-Friendly Indoor Brewery Pass, which gets you a FREE drink at 17 of ’em, beginning Oct. 1!
  • Coffee shops. If you’re in need of a little caffeination on the way to the dog park, let your pup join you inside one of several coffee shops.
  • Distilleries. Minnesota is now home to five craft distilleries that welcome your pup inside.
  • Malls. They’re great warm walking options in winter. Here’s our guide to MN’s dog-friendly malls.
  • Boutiques and more. Whether you’re perusing hostess gifts, picking out a little T-R-E-A-T for your pup or yourself, or just running errands, more than 200 shops will let you have your dog in tow.
  • New indoor doggo parks. Underdog Park and Unleashed Hounds and Hops are both coming to town and we got the quick sniff. (Psst: We’re got more off-leash options, too.)
  • A year-round dog-friendly restaurant. Opened in St. Louis Park in October, The Block is a new houndy hang fur the ages.
  • And of course, the majority of pet food stores are ready to welcome Fido, too.

Check out all the indoor options by searching our directory right this way.

(Photo by KME Photography)

Notice a place we missed? Woof at us in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “These Twin Cities Hotspots Allow Dogs Indoors

    1. Andrea Lahouze

      Thank you for telling us, Andrea! We called to confirm and they are still dog-friendly indoors. The sign may have been for a private event.

    2. Ashlee Croaston

      Hi! Dual Citizen’s website says, “We totally get it. You love dogs. So do we. Unfortunately, we can’t legally have them in our taproom. Yet. Sorry, at this time it is beyond our control. We are actively working on changing this and will let you know as soon as we can proudly declare ourselves as dog-friendly. (Here’s a pro-tip, visit our brewery friends on the other side of the river. It’s legally allowed over there).” Why is it not allowed there but is allowed in so many other St. Paul breweries? I’m so confused!

      1. Andrea Lahouze

        Hi Ashlee! It may be due to how their brewery is set up – you must have certain types and amounts of barriers between the taproom and the brewing activity, etc. – or if they currently serve food, that could be an issue, too. We’re rooting for Dual Citizen to become dog-friendly soon!

        1. Ashlee Croaston

          Ah, that makes sense! No food, but I bet it’s because of a lack of barriers between the brewing and taproom. We’re rooting for them too; we rarely go because we can’t bring our dogs when we’re on that side of town. It’s a bummer because their beer really is great! Thanks!


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