6 Dog-Friendly Illinois Drive-In Theaters

Car rides and hanging out with you are your dog’s two favorite past times… why don’t you combine them for the ultimate pup hang? Leash up and check out these 6 dog-friendly Illinois drive-in theaters. Don’t forget the pupcorn and these movie night essentials!

1. Route 34 Drive In

From their movie choices to their popcorn made with real butter, you’re getting the real deal at Earlville’s Route 34 Drive-In. This spot doesn’t accept credit cards, which is a bummer because pup forgot his cash at home; do you mind spotting him? Good boys always pay you back.

2. Skyview Drive-In

With two locations in Belleville and Litchfield, the Skyview Drive-In shows you that old dogs can learn new tricks! Originally built in 1949, this drive-in has been improved over the years and shows a mix of oldies and new releases. Pups are allowed, but it is gravel, so make sure you bring something comfy for them! Cash only for admission, but credit cards are allowed at concessions. 

3. ChiTown Movies

Your dog heard “bol,” and he’s in. Located in Pilsen, Chicago Futbol is a sports and entertainment facility, but also the home of ChiTown Movies. This dog-friendly drive-in regularly shows the hits–classics, family, and blockbuster movies. There’s even a premium bar and grille with food delivered to your car, so don’t be surprised if Fido gets a little overzealous with the movie snackies. 

4. Harvest Moon Drive-In

Pupper believes the more the merrier, and that’s definitely true with Harvest Moon Drive-In and their twin screens. This central Illinois drive-in theater doesn’t just show hit movies, but also concert experiences. Mutts be leashed, and leave space for a Great Dane between you and other guests, k?

5. Golden Age Cinemas

Two golden retrievers lay next to a bin of snacks and dog toys with a pop up movie screen in the distance at the dog-friendly Illinois drive-in theater, Golden Age Cinemas in McHenry.
TBH, we are the feature presentation. | @bigbentinytim

McHenry’s outdoor theater, Golden Age Cinemas, is twice the fun with double features, which is perfect for a dog who wants the most movie cuddling time with you. With fun themes like Sharknado Weekend (Jaws & Twister) or Gotta Get Back In Time Weekend (Back to the Future & The Time Machine), you just need to make sure to pack twice the snacks!

6. Davis Theater Pop-Up Drive Ins

You’ve got a haute dog and they’re gonna wanna get into this drive-in before it gets too mainstream. This pop-pup drive-in from the Davis Theater takes place right in Chicago at the Lincoln Yards lot. With 10-foot spaces for each car, there’s plenty of room for social distancing. Pupper doesn’t have to worry, concessions are available at the drive-in, but they’re card only!

What’s your pup’s favorite movie? Woof at us in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on your next movie night!

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