A Spiritual Journey: Your Guide to Minnesota’s Dog-Friendly Distilleries

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While the Minnesota craft brewery scene has grown exponentially in the past few years, the craft spirit movement hasn’t had the same traction; but, thanks to a 2011 change in legislation that greatly decreased licensing costs, and a handful of passionate mirco-distillers, Minnesota is now home to more than 15 craft distilleries.

Many of the new craft distilleries have the addition of a cocktail room, the distillery equivalent of a taproom, effectively transforming the typical distillery from a production facility to a full-blown experience.

These cocktail rooms, where you can learn a little something about what you’re drinking from knowledgeable bartenders, typically feature inventive cocktails made with their house-distilled spirits. And, on top of “olive” that, you get to take in the warm, inviting atmosphere of a micro-distillery.

From Far North Spirits, the northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, to RockFilter Distillery in southern Minnesota, we’ve sniffed out every distillery in Minnesota that welcomes your pup–all for your sipping pleasure. (Some are dog-friendly on the patio only, so be sure to check the details below.)

Bent Brewstillery | Roseville | Dog-Friendly Inside
Bent is a Twin Cities staple on the craft brewery scene, but they’re also the producer of small-batch craft spirits making them a unique hybrid operation, hence the name Brewstillery. Due to Minnesota law, currently, they are not allowed to serve cocktails made with their housemade spirits or beers in the taproom, but you can still join them in their dog-friendly taproom for a brew.

Du Nord Craft Spirits | Minneapolis
Situated in the Longfellow neighborhood, Du Nord is a small-batch craft distillery that produces artisan gin, vodka, rye, and bourbon using a grain-to-glass approach to produce the highest quality spirits. Their cocktail room and dog-friendly patio feature handcrafted, seasonal and classic cocktails. Guests are encouraged to bring food from home, a local restaurant, or enjoy some tasty eats from one of Du Nord’s featured food trucks.

Far North Spirits | Hallock | Dog-Friendly Inside
The northernmost distillery in the contiguous United States, Far North Spirits is one of only a few authentic grain-to-glass distilleries; all of their grains are milled, mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled in-house which makes their delicious, artisan spirits one-of-a-kind.

Far North Spirits has a dog-friendly cocktail room where they serve samples and handcrafted cocktails. Call ahead to reserve your spot, and let ’em know you plan to bring your dog so they can plan accordingly!

Lawless Distilling Company | Minneapolis
Lawless Distilling Company prides itself on its cozy atmosphere with bartenders who know their stuff and housemade spirits that have been thoughtfully and authentically crafted. Currently, Lawless only produces vodka and their Greenway Gin, but with the help of housemade liqueurs, Bittercube bitters, and some good, old-fashioned ingenuity they’ve succeeded in creating a curated, diverse cocktail menu that’s sure to please anyone’s palate–we recommend the classic Gin & Tonic or the Chi Chi.

Their cocktail room is not dog-friendly, so keep yer paws on the patio, please!

Loon Liquor Co. | Northfield | Dog-Friendly Inside
Loon Liquor Co. specializes in creative, organic spirits and liqueurs made with locally-sourced ingredients, when possible. Their cozy cocktail room can be visited Thursday through Saturday where you’ll find Thursday night trivia, an array of refreshments, and a growing snack list.

Well-behaved dogs are allowed in the cocktail room and on the patio as well. What more could a pup ask for?

Norseman Distillery | Minneapolis
Norseman is the creator of some of the Twin Cities’ finest spirits. If gin’s your thing, or even if it’s not (we hear they have other tasty liqueurs and non-alcoholic bevs as well), Norseman is a can’t-miss spot. To complement their alcoholic refreshments, they have an industrial-chic cocktail room and a dog-friendly patio where they serve their scrumptious specialty cocktails and elevated pub grub.

RockFilter Distillery | Spring Grove | Dog-Friendly Inside
RockFilter Distillery is a small, farm distillery producing bourbons and whiskeys made from their own organic and heirloom grains. Their cocktail room and patio allow well-behaved doggos, and their creative cocktails highlight their housemade spirits.

Tattersall Distilling | Minneapolis
Tattersall Distilling is a micro-distillery in Minneapolis that specializes in classic spirits as well as inventive liqueurs. While their industrial-chic cocktail room is not dog-friendly, they have a gorgeous patio that is, and they’re crafting delectable drinks with their various spirits.

Twin Spirits Distillery | Minneapolis | Dog-Friendly Inside
Twin Spirits Distillery, Minnesota’s first one-woman owned distillery, is located in NE Minneapolis. Their dedication to a grain-to-glass approach is evident in the unique taste of their spirits and they take special care to ensure the cleanest flavors in every bottle.

They have a dog-friendly cocktail room for all you well-behaved pups and a large, dog-friendly patio for those of you who need a bit more paw room.

Vikre Distillery | Duluth | Dog-Friendly Inside
Vikre Distillery utilizes wild botanicals, local grains, handcrafted oak barrels, and the clean, fresh water of Lake Superior to create their signature spirits. They also offer free tours at 5:30 pm daily.

The lower half of the cocktail room is pup-friendly, where they’re serving up their from-scratch cocktails and tasty bar snacks.

Wander North Distillery | Minneapolis | Dog-Friendly Inside*
To round out this spiritual journey, we’ve got Wander North Distillery, located in northeast Minneapolis. They believe in a grain-to-glass approach which is evident in all of their thoughtfully crafted spirits and cocktails. Their furbulous (did we mention it’s dog-friendly?) cocktail lounge is the perfect place to kick back, sip a housemade cocktail, play a game, and enjoy good company.

*Wander North does not allow dogs inside the cocktail lounge during events due to the high volume of people in attendance.

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