Dog-Friendly Colorado Summer Bucket List

After the Fourth of July, summer feels like a fast downhill slide into fall. But hold up, mother puppers—we still have a whole fluffin’ MONTH (and then some!) to check items off the bucket list. Here’s a peek at what we’re planning for these dog days of summer. How many do you think you can get done before Labor Day? 

  1. Take a hike (we mean that in the best way pawsible). These four trails come with a suggested dog-friendly brewery pairing. You’re welcome.
  2. Plan a staycation. No need to get out of dog (er, dodge) this summer when Denver’s pup-friendly hotels are waiting to give you a tail-wagging welcome. 
  3. Skip the W-A-L-K for a B-I-K-E ride. These five tools make it easy to enjoy two wheels with your dog in tow.
  4. A Pup on SUP paddleboarding class brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “doggy paddle.”
  5. Or, if you need to practice your balance on land first, sign you and your floof up for a doggy yoga class. Who does a better downward dog? 
  6. Grab a book and belly up (for scratchies, of course) to a dog-friendly patio to whittle away a lazy afternoon. That’s what summer is all about—just make sure you follow pawper patio etiquette
  7. But if it’s too hot, these eight Colorado breweries welcome dogs inside. Don’t forget your Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass!  
  8. Learn a new skill together. Dock jumping or agility training, anyone? 
  9. Shop ’til you drop with the best shopping pawtner (who won’t judge how many times you swipe your credit card). 
  10. Plan an end-of-summer shindog for your pooch and his pals. He deserves it for being such a good boy.

How do you and your dog plan to enjoy the second half of summer? Woof at us in the comments, and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in all your adventures so we can ruv ’em.

(Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash)

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