5 State Parks with Dog-Friendly Colorado Campgrounds

Your pup ruvs the great outdoors, but tbh the sniffs around the block are getting a little stale. He needs new trees to pee on, and we know where he’ll find ’em. Without further a-doo, here are some of the best dog-friendly camping spots in Colorado.

Dog-Friendly Colorado State Park Campgrounds

You’ll have a happy camper on your hands when you visit any of these dog-friendly Colorado campgrounds. Note: Camping at all Colorado state parks requires a reservation.

1. Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is pawfect for pups who wanna take outdoor adventures to the next level because it includes an off-leash doggy wonderland! Home to almost 110 acres, and including a swimming creek, open fields, and trails, the dog park is caninely bliss. Note, this campground fills up fast, so book your reservation well in advance.

2. Chatfield State Park

Lookin’ for dog-friendly camping that includes a utopia of open space for your dog to roam? Look no fur-ther. Chatfield State Park‘s off-leash dog area features 70 acres of fully-fenced open space with miles of walking trails, two ponds, water fountains, grassy hills, tons of socializing opportunities, mountain views, and more.

3. Highline Lake State Park

Highline Lake State Park welcomes you and your dog for camping trips. Plus, they have a designated swimming area just for your doggy paddler. Most campsites include a sun/shade mix. Each site is equipped with a grill, fire ring, and picnic table (but no electrical hookups; you’re ruffin’ it here).

4. Ridgway State Park

Ridgway State Park is ideal for water dogs. Although pups aren’t allowed on the beach, you can bring her along to paddleboard or fish on the lake. For a unique experience, stay in dog-friendly yurts 12 and 14. The yurts accommodate 6 people, and include:

  • Twin-sized bunk beds and 2 queen-sized futons 
  • Thermostat-controlled propane gas log stove for heat 
  • Small round table and six chairs 
  • Front porch/deck with a picnic table, elevated barbecue grill, and a ground-level campfire ring
  • Small microwave oven and refrigerator
  • Electrical outlets and a ceiling light
  • Combination lock on door

5. Rifle Gap State Park

Rifle Gap State Park has 89 campsites spread across 5 Colorado campgrounds. Enjoy breathtaking views of the reservoir and spectacular mountain vistas.There’s even year-round camping so you and your pupper can enjoy the great outdoors, even in the dead of winter (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Tips for Camping With Dogs in Colorado

Sniff out these tips to make sure your camping experience is a pawsitive one for you, your pupper, and your camp neighbors.

  • Colorado State Parks don’t allow dogs on public beaches, so make sure you have other activities planned!
  • Smaller parks often mean fewer dogs, which can make for a better experience for two- and four-legged campers.
  • Help your dog get used to the tent by popping it up in the yard and trying a backyard practice run overnight. Human pups’ll love it too!
  • Check yourself and your dog for ticks, and use a safe insect repellent.
  • Outfitting your dog with a personalized pack can be a fun way to simplify carrying pick-up bags, water, and treats. Many pet parents say their dogs love having a job.
  • Keep dogs leashed so that they don’t mingle with other critters.
  • Clean up after your dog and pack it out.
  • Don’t leave dogs unattended in vehicles or tied up at the campsite. It’s just rude.

Where’s your pal’s fave place to get away from it all? Woof at us in the comments and or in our Dog-Friendly Denver Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Patrick Hendry

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