Dog-Friendly Chicago Summer Bucket List

The days are long, the sun is shining, and we can even go outside without the air hurting our faces. Doggone it, we owe it to ourselves and our pups to make the most of this glorious season. Here are 12 doggo outings to make your Chicago summer one for the mother-puppin’ books.

  1. Pack a picnic and hit up one of Chicago’s free Movies in the Park.
  2. Give biking with your dog a shake. Here are 5 ways to do it.
  3. Hit up a dog-friendly patio and show off your Good Dog’s Guide to Patio Etiquette skills.
  4. Share some cold ones at a dog-friendly brewery.
  5. Get goin’ on your summer reading at a dog-friendly bookstore.
  6. Try your paw at kayaking or stand up paddleboarding.
  7. Cool off with a frosty cone (try one of the cool spots on our FREE Dog-Friendly Treat Pass!).
  8. Get your staycation on at a dog-friendly hotel.
  9. Take a training class and learn some heckin’ cool new tricks.
  10. Head to one of Chicago’s best dog-friendly farmers markets.
  11. Plant a beautiful garden together after a visit to one of our favorite plant shops.
  12. Gallivant all over dog-friendly River North before taking a Canine Cruise (!!!).

(Photo by Kelly Lund on Unsplash)

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