These Dog-Friendly Chicago Employers Will Make You Wanna Pupdate Your Resume

Let’s be honest: the worst thing about going to work is leaving your dog. But furtunately for you (and all your coworkers), these workplaces let your pup tag along! Snag a job at one of these dog-friendly Chicago employers and let the search for the perfect doggo office bed begin.

Upwork’s a total upgrade for puppers and their parents. (Photo by Upwork)


Freelancers and businesses love Upwork and how easy it makes getting good work done. You’ll be stoked about free snacks and free meals five days a week, and your dog’s tail will be waggin’ when he learns that not only is his new office super fun–he’s getting pet insurance, too. Okay, fine… he might not really appreciate the nuances of canine healthcare, but you sure will! And it’s just a quick walk from D’Angelo Dog Park, so your pal can enjoy a little yappy hour fetching after her ruff day.

Flowers for Dreams

Pretty flowers AND puppies? Sign us the heck up. Your buddy will ruv chasing tennis balls around at Flowers for Dreams and relaxing in the office dog bed, and you’ll be pumped to know that you work for a company that donates 25 percent of its proceeds to local charities like CRISP (Chicago’s animal shelter diversion program).

The Onion

Local dog parents leave daily to ride in the car for hours at a time, study finds. Show your pal what you *really* do all day and put her satire-writing chops to the test at The Onion. And if there’s one thing we at Sidewalk Dog know fur sure, it’s that nothing cures a case of writer’s block like petting a dog.


Calling all local nerds – this digital business consultancy is so cool we’d probably hang out there for free. Employees at Nerdery have a Slack channel just for pet parents to share pupdates and may have around 5-20 dogs in the office on a given day (!). Your pall will enjoy over 300 clubs (we’re talkin’ Magic, board games, beer, hockey, Legos… you name it!), and pups’ll live their healthiest lives with their very own pet insurance plans.

Pups play such a pivotal role here that they’re even in leadership positions. “In 2013 there was a grassroots movement among dog owners to hold our first election for Dog President of Nerdery,” said Emily Rinde, senior communications manager. “We’ve had a dog president (and sometimes vice president) every year since.

“In the past,” she adds, “Nerds have fostered dogs, brought them to work and have had them adopted by other Nerds.” Now this is a company policy we can all get behind.


EdTech company Wyzant wants your help building a better way to learn, and it’s right across the street from Churchill Field Dog Park (as well as a tennis ball’s throw from the 606). Not only do employees get half off all the learning Wyzant has to offer, but they also enjoy free yoga, free coffee, and “dogs, real dogs.”


Sittercity is all about making sure kids get the best possible child care, so it makes sense that its employees care about our four-legged children. They wave their pet policy around loud and proud: “Bring yours to the office—at Sittercity, we love fur-babies, too!” Employees enjoy excellent work-life balance with open PTO (they know peeps work better when they can take their dogs to the beach once in a while), weekly lunch and learns, healthy snacks, and tons of extra-currics.

Redshelf’s rooftop is prime zoomies territory. (Photo by RedShelf)


RedShelf is raising the woof for the pups—it literally has a dog-friendly rooftop space for when your pal needs a break from all that hard work. It also offers pup insurance benefits and welcomes dogs throughout the workplace.

“The company is very open and accepting to those with dogs, especially in the office,” said Ashleigh Mavros, communication manager. “Dogs are welcome to attend meetings, rooftop events, and more.” In summary, BRB, putting in our two-week notice so we can go work on a roof with our dogs.


This West Loop office is stacked with all the free snacks, drinks, and coffee you could ever dream of, and most importantly, it welcomes your best bud. Rocketmiles even offers unlimited vacation with free travel credits for when you and your pup just need to get away from it all. And flexible teams mean you guys can work from your favorite dog-friendly coffee shops sometimes, too.


The team at tee shop Threadless obviously *looks* cool, but it turns out they *are* cool—these people love pups. “Company morale is super high whenever a dog is in the office. Everyone is able to take a break and get some pup love. Plus it just brings a smile to everyone’s face,” said Crystal Rosales, Community Experience Team Lead. And unsurprisingly, havin’ dogs around makes employees happy as h*ck: “It’s also great to know that your employer is helping you save money on doggie day care or afternoon walkers. Most people don’t live super close to the office, so this is a great benefit that keeps people here!” We’d sure stick around for cute cowoofers, too.

Sniff out our dog-friendly directory for even more companies that welcome co-woofers. Know another dog-friendly employer in Chicago? Bark at us in the comments so we can get ‘em added (or add ‘em yo-self here).

Featured photo: RedShelf

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