6 Places to Brunch With Your Dog in Chicago

Face it: your dog works hard all week. He deserves to indulge a bit on the weekends, don’t you think? Whether he’s lookin’ for a little hair of the dog or is literally starving (again), be a good buddy and accompany your pup to one of our fave brunch spots.

Park and Field
Park and Field’s backyard vibes are virtually irresistible (henlo, bonfire pits!), and the frozen white sangria can take the edge off whatever the pup happened last night. But like, can we just talk about the dog menu? Or the Dog Days of Summer parties? Or the pup appreciation brunches? Or the fact that you can host your dog’s birthday party here? The good humans here also frequently host rescue fundraisers, too, and they *always* roll out the turf carpet for One Tail at a Time’s annual Puppy Bowl celebrity athlete.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits
The patio at Bang Bang is actually pretty much the yard you would have bought by now if you hadn’t spent all your savings on dog stuff (we see you). In the meantime, grab some biscuits and pie, kick back in an Adirondack, and lean into the good life with your #1. This spot’s an ideal pick for the anxious pup who needs a little more space, and as far as weekend walks are concerned, its proximity to Humboldt Park is the stuff of magic.

Empty Bottle
Yeah, okay–we kinda get why you can’t have dogs inside of restaurants (jk, the health department probably likes cats better or something). The Empty Bottle, however, has no kitchen of its own, but adjacent Bite Cafe sure does. What’s this mean for you guys? INDOOR BRUNCHOS at the bar, and delicious breakfast tacos and mashbrowns for everyone. Cash only, so make sure your dog brings her wallet.

West Town Bakery
West Town Bakery and Diner can’t wait to see your dog, and your dog can’t wait to steal a few bites of your biscuits and gravy. With tons of veg options, custom avo toasts, and drool-worthy pastries, your pup’s definitely gonna find something she wants you to gib. This local fave’s also on our free Treat Pass (but we’re sure you already got one cause you love your dog). Make sure you grab your bud a cakeball and take a sec to sit pretty by the giant floral @0uizi mural on the side of the building.

Paradise Park
Just a short walko away from the 606 and Churchill Field Dog Park is the lush patio oasis that is Paradise Park. Not only are there Dutch baby tacos, but the vibe in this place will light your dog’s Instagram the pup UP (no wonder she has more followers than you). If only you could somehow get a Boomerang of you two cheersing a couple of Hangover Coffees spiked with vanilla vodka and topped with heckin’ Do Rite Donuts.

Spoke and Bird
If your four-legged friend’s just looking to relax for a change, unwind at Spoke and Bird’s cozy cobblestone patio. The Prairie Historical District retreat is shaded by mature trees, and every nom comes with a side of chill vibes. You’ll love the expertly curated menu stacked with foods from area farms, and your pup’ll sure enjoy its proximity to Fred Anderson Dog Park.

What’s your pup’s favorite spot for brunch? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag #sidewalkdog on all your delicious midday adventures.

(Photo by Mandy Dempsey Photography)

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