6 Dog-Friendly Cabins in Minnesota

If you’re from Minnesota, you know the closest thing we have to heaven is cabin life. There are only a few simple rules: take your tail on a nature walk, enjoy many naps, and smell like a bonfire every evening. Being on cabin time is the best time, so we’ve put together our favorite dog-friendly cabins in Minnesota for the pawfect weekend getaway.

1. Skyport Lodge in Grand Marais

If you’re looking for a more ruffstic option, Skyport Lodge offers cabins, cottages, and chalets that are fluffer-friendly. Located in Grand Marais, just 40 miles south of the Canadian border, this is a dreamy spot to refresh and rejuvenate. Between the gentle waters, woods-wandering, and ample fresh air, there’s no doubt your pup will be beggin’ to stay a few days longer.

2. Amador Hill Haven in North Branch

For all you city pups, this mutt just be the perfect staycation. Being just over 45 miles north of the Twin Cities, Amador Hill Haven offers a close-enough yet cozy getaway. Between the inviting deck and the wooded view of the St. Croix River, this picturesque cabin is the ultimate sanctuary for all the doggy snuggles. 

3. Star-Gazer Sky Cabin in Upsala

Quirky meets quaint at the Star-Gazer Sky Cabin, which sits on two acres of fenced country land. Located on the edge of small-town Upsala, lake life and accessible trails are just miles away. After your pupper brings you on a hiking trek, unwind and rejuvenate in the private sauna or hot tub. Bonus: You may just get to check shooting star-watching off your doggo’s bucket list. 

4. Big Lake Wilderness Lodge Resort Cabins in Ely

With cabins accommodating anywhere from 2 to 12 hoomans (and any shepherding pups of course), Big Lake Wilderness Lodge has plenty of charming spaces and memorable experiences (hello water trampoline!). We highly recommend grabbing grub on the dog-friendly patio Rockwood Eatery after your 6.5 km Trezona Trail loop trek with Fido. Be sure to swing by the local dog-specialized gear outfitter, Kondos Outdoors, because we know he ruffuses to wear anything but the best.

5. Quiet Tiny Cabin in Utica

If a secluded sanctuary is your dog’s jam, look no further. This tiny Quiet Dry Cabin in southeastern Minnesota sits upon 20 acres of mother nature’s masterpiece. The panoramic views are unbelievable! Just be sure to let Fido know he cannot work from home (no TV, phone, or internet). 

6. Loon Lake Lodge in Pequot Lakes

If the puppo is more into luxury than ruffin’ it, leave the hustle and bustle behind and book this wooded wonderland retreat featuring a hot tub, private dock, and serene sauna. Located on a private, large pond with outdoor space to enjoy the views, you’ll have nothing short of an Up North experience at Loon Lake Lodge. With a deck view like that, don’t forget to toss your floof a bite of your grilled goodies. Fair warning: Your tail may be kept up all night by the celestial concert in the sky and woken early by the morning loons. 

Do you know of any four paws up dog-friendly cabins in Minnesota? Raise your paw in the comments!

Featured photo: Pixabay

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