Dog-Friendly Brunch in Minneapolis-St. Paul: 11 Pawesome Patios

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Look, everybody loves brunch. You get to wake up a little late, meet up with friends and family, and then wolf down an amount of food that’ll have you napping by 2 p.m. What could be better than that? And as a follow-up question: Why should your dog have to miss out on the fun? Here are 11 restaurants where you can find dog-friendly brunch in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

1. Bryant-Lake Bowl

Bryant-Lake Bowl in Lyn-Lake now boasts not one but two patios where your canine can join you for a Bloody Mary and a breakfast burrito. (Just don’t bring him along if you’re trying to hit the lanes after you eat.)

2. The Lowbrow

We just love the Lowbrow. It’s low-key, family-friendly, and dog-friendly, and they’ve got a neighborhood brunch that’s the kind of thing you can comfortably come back to week after week. It’ll have your pup saying, “Lowbrow-wow!”

3. Smack Shack

Smack Shack’s home to one of the finest patios in the North Loop—and yep, they’ll be delighted to seat you and your dog together. You can’t go wrong with the crab benedict or the lobster scrambled eggs. Trust us.

4. Centro

Northeast’s Mexican fare favorite Centro welcomes pups on its sunny Quincy Street patio. Pull up a table starting at 11 a.m. weekends—and if you’re looking to make a day of it, hop across the road to Indeed Brewing for a beer on their patio after. 

5. Hola Arepa

Brunch on the sunny Hola Arepa patio is the kind of colorful culinary adventure that’ll have your dog saying, “…Wait, are we still in Minneapolis?” Can’t recommend the fried yuca hash here highly enough. 

6. Aster Cafe

Dogs and humans alike love Aster Cafe, with its lovely patio situated right along the mighty Mississippi River. They’ve got a couple of great breakfast quiches, and the brisket grits (Carolina barbecue style) are a real treat. You’ll be fending your dog off for those. 

7. Moscow on the Hill

This Selby Avenue standby has been bringing some fine Russian fare to St. Paul since 1999. Whether it’s borscht or buttermilk pancakes you crave, be sure to go for one of the infinitely customizable bevs from Moscow on the Hill’s Bloody Mary bar—they’ve got more kinds of vodka than your pup’s ever seen!

8. Hi-Lo Diner

In a classic diner car that’s been relocated to Lake Street, Hi-Lo serves the breakfast and brunch essentials you crave—from huevos to hash. Plus Hi-Lo Diner specializes in these things called Hi-Tops…they’re basically super-good sandwiches served on top of their made-in-house donuts. You miiiight end up needing a doggy bag. 

9. The Howe

Dog-friendly is the name of the game at the Howe—in fact, they’ve got a heated, covered, year-round patio where you can brunch with your pup. And did we mention there’s a whole dog menu with stuff like Nala’s Turkey Muttloaf and a jasmine rice Woof Woof Bowl? Yeah. Dog-friendly as all heck. 

10. Brunson’s Pub

You’re gonna have a good time at this pup-friendly pub—guaranteed. Brunson’s serves up a selection of breakfast sandwiches and benedicts on its patio each weekend, where your dog is welcome to tag along for the meal. (More like Brunch-son’s!)

11. Common Roots Cafe

This lovely Lyndale Avenue local/organic cafe is always a good bet for breakfast or brunch with your bud. Stop by Common Roots Cafe for killer scratch-made bagels and lots of vegetarian and vegan options, plus pets for your pup from the staff. 

Where does your pal go for dog-friendly brunch in Minneapolis-St. Paul? Give us a howl in the comments and share with anypawdy who ruvs a good patio.

Featured image: Alison Pang

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