Home Is Where the Bark Is: Dog-Friendly Apartments in Seattle

Moving into a new apartment—even if you don’t need a dog-friendly rental—can be ruff stuff. You’ve gotta think about so many factors: price, location, deposit, move-in date, length of lease, style, amenities, and more. Then you’ve gotta pack up all your sh*t and haul it around! And as dog parents know all too well, it gets exponentially more difficult when you’ve got a furry family member to think about. Buildings that welcome dogs can be tough to find, and even those that are “dog-friendly” sometimes have breed restrictions that mean you and your pup might not be welcome. 

We can’t help you box up your stuff and lift things on moving day—but we can try to help you find dog-friendly apartments in Seattle. Sniff out some of the area’s best options for humans and canines alike (no breed or weight restrictions; can we get a BOOP BOOP?!).

Seattle Budget-Friendly Options

707 Roy Apartments 

Treat your pet like Roy-alty? So will The Roy! And you too, for that matter (there’s a heated swimming pool!) They’re located in the heart of Capitol Hill, close to Broadway shopping, dining, and bus lines.

Deets: 2 pets max; $300 pet deposit; studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments starting at $1,175. 

T.O.D. Apartments 

Another Cap Hill fave, T.O.D apartments come fully furnished with a platform bed with drawers, end tables, and a sofa or chair. Pup’ll ruv being within walking distance to so many dog-friendly patios and shops.

Deets: $250 pet deposit with $25/month pet rent per pet; studio and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $1,220.

Guinevere Apartments 

Just a couple blocks from  Green Lake, Guinevere welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes. We bet your pup’ll also enjoy the rooftop terrace and landscaped courtyards!

Deets: Pet deposit is 25% of monthly rent; 2 pet max; studio, 1, and 2-bedroom apartments starting at $1,314.

Illumina Lake Union

Where you go at Illumina, floofer goes! That includes the rooftop terrace and common rooms (leashed, of course). If pup is like Miley and just can’t be tamed, you’re conveniently located right across the street from the Colonnade Off-Leash Dog Park! 

Deets: $300 refundable deposit per pet (2 max); studio, 1, and 2-bedroom apartments starting at $1,349.

Brown and white Doodle sitting on a white couch, with the legs of it's owner in frame next to them (in black pants and white tennis shoe). In background you can see it's sunset of a city scape, with a large green plant by the window
Not sure why human has a snack, but I don’t. | Roberto Nickson

Seattle Mid-Range Options

Marketside Flats 

With an unbeatable location downtown and spectacular rooftop terrace that boasts water and city views, we can pretty much guarantee you and floof will be happier at Marketside. P. S. There’s plenty of built-in storage, plus efficient stainless steel appliances.

Deets: $50 pet rent; 1 and 2-bedroom apartments starting at $1,380. 


Capitol Hill is easily one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city, and you and doggo will feel like it at Citizen! Pro Tip: On a clear day, you can see Mt. Rainier from the rooftop sundeck! 

Deets: $300 refundable pet deposit and $50 pet rent per pet (2 max); studio and 1-bedroom apartments starting at $1,589.

Marlboro Estates Apartments 

An on-site walking path? Yes please. Among many other amenities, Marlboro boasts a European garden, with gardening P-patches, gas grills, fire tables, and peaceful walking paths.

Deets: Pet deposit is 25% of monthly rent; $35 pet rent per pet (2 max); studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments starting at $1,795 a month. 

Legs crossed on couch, in black pants and pink tennis shoes, with white Doodle curled up next to them. On lap, in frame, is a keyboard.
You make that much noise, but tell me not to bark? | Avi Naim

Seattle Apartment Options With all the Bells and Whistles

The Lyric 

Another Capitol Hill option (we told you, it’s where all the cool kids live!), the Lyric has some extra kibble on top for pet pawrents: a dog run and paw spa! Humans dig it too for their rooftop deck and unparalleled views of Lake Union, Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier, and the Space Needle.

Deets: $300 pet deposit, plus $35 pet rent per pet (3 max); studio, 1, and 2-bedroom apartment starting at $2,150.

Green Lake Village

Is it worth moving to Greenlake just so you can have closer access to Green Lake? Maybe! But there are so many other perks to living at the Village, like a pet run, play area, and pet wash! 

Deets: $300 pet deposit, plus $50 pet rent (1 pet) or $65 (2 pets); studio, 1. and 2-bedroom apartments available starting at $2,200.


Does your princess deserve the royal treatment? Then Arrivé is the place for you. Their seventh floor goes to the dogs, with a pet relief area and dog wash. And for humans, there’s a 24/7 fitness studio, expansive rooftop terrace, and an on-site bistro.

Deets: $300 pet deposit, plus $35 pet rent per pet (2 max); 1 and 2-bedroom apartments starting at $3,125.

Tips for Hopeful Tenants

  • Give yourself enough time. When is your current lease up? You’ll want to start the search for new dog-friendly digs three months (or more) in advance to find a place that suits you and pup’s needs.
  • Suggest a meet and greet. If the landlord is wary of your furry roommate, offer to meet up with them and bring your bud along so they can see how good he is.
  • Have ruff-rences at the ready. You’ve probably rented with your pup before, right? Ask any previous landlords or neighbors to weigh in on your pal’s pristine behavior.
  • Offer to put down a refundable pet deposit. It’ll cost you a little more, but offering to cough up a little extra cash can help convince property managers who are still wary (and it shows you’ve got the utmost confidence in your canine). 
  • Don’t give up, pup! Finding dog-friendly housing just takes a little longer. Keep calling, asking around, scanning Craigslist—whatever it takes—until you find the right one. 

This list was compiled with a big assist from My Pit Bull Is Family’s dog-friendly housing database

Featured photo: Avi Naim

Know of any other dog-friendly apartments in Seattle? Had luck with a landlord who housed you and your pup? Leave a woof to the wise in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Seattle Facebook Group.

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