Dog-friendly Airbnbs for Your Summer Vacation

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Summer is the perfect time for frozen drinks and lazy porch days. It’s also your chance to embark on an unforgettable summer adventure with your furry companion! Planning a memorable summer vacation starts with the right accommodations. Read this helpful guide to discover the best dog-friendly Airbnbs to fill your summer with cherished memories. 

A Dog-Friendly Summer Vacation

Our dogs are a beloved member of our family and we want to bring them along on our vacations. We can give our pets a plethora of memorable experiences including trips to the beach, mountainsides, canyons, crystal creeks or a relaxing porch day in the sun at home. If you’re looking to get out of the house and give your pup a memorable experience, here’s what you’ll need to consider to make you and Fluffy feel at home. 

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How to Search for Pet-friendly Housing on Airbnb

As the demand for pet-friendly accommodations increases, properties are becoming more considerate of pet owners and their needs.

You can search for dog-friendly properties through user-friendly websites like Airbnb. With a few simple steps, you can easily find pet-friendly accommodations. Just head to the ‘Who’ section, check off the number of guests and pets, and start your search-It’s as simple as that! 

Make sure to read complete descriptions and ask the property owner any questions you have. Here are a few good questions to ask ahead of time if you can’t find the answer in the property’s description listing.

Questions to Ask the Owner:

  • Are there other animals on the property?
  • Is there a fee for each pet? 
  • Is your yard fenced?
  • Does my dog need to stay on a leash?
  • How do you handle cleaning fees if my dog makes a mess?
  • Are there any dog parks nearby?
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Dog-friendly Airbnbs for Your Next Summer Vacation

We did some research and found these amazing Airbnbs in some premier places across the country. This list includes different vacation options, from a monthly or weekly rental to daily getaways. All rental types are located in scenic places with plenty of leisure options for both you and your dog.

Summer Bonding at Bliss Woods Farm

If all you want to do this summer is spend quality time with your dog, check out this Airbnb in Maine! This is a great opportunity to train your dog in a scenic spot and bond with them. 

This hidden gem is an organic habitat that is dog-centric! Guests who book here experience a cozy split-level home with an independent entrance and fenced yard. Guests have complete access to the first floor, with a cozy living room and bedroom. Plus, there’s a dog crate next to the bed provided free of charge. 

The host at this rental is hands-on when it comes to guests and their pups. The host is a CCPDT and fear-free certified dog trainer and offers their agility training equipment to their guests. The outdoor area is the highlight of this property boasting gorgeous farmland with ostentatious greenery all around. There’s also an organic vegetable garden where you’re welcome to snip off whatever’s in season.

happy smiling dog owner and dog in a field of grass with the sun shining

Dog-Friendly Beachside Bungalow: Santa Cruz, California

If you’re considering booking a month in the sun with your favorite pooch, consider this beautiful dog-friendly rental in Santa Cruz, California. This rental is approximately 1000 square feet and full of natural light. The two provided bedrooms each have a king and queen-sized bed with a twin trundle. 

This dreamy rental has a vintage, beach bungalow feel, decorated with beautiful paintings and decor. This beachside paradise is furnished with eclectic touches, restored hardware, and amber interiors. If that’s not enough, it’s also filled with plants, and the jungle sunroom on top is great for sunbathing. 

This rental is located just 47 miles from Carmel-By-The-Sea, an adorable beach town in the Monterey Peninsula next to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry if you happen to book this rental during the Fourth of July as fireworks are banned during the 4th. This rental is a great option for anxious pups and the convenient amenities makes it truly dog-friendly.

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Artsy Lemon: Manchester, New Hampshire

Chances are, you’re longing for the summer months to “squeeze the day” and catch up on a personal art project or a writing idea. If this describes you, check out this unique, lemon-themed Airbnb that is pet-friendly and tangy. 

The Factory on Willow has everything you need to get your creative juices flowing. This beautifully restored studio apartment with original furnishings and luxury details comes with modern amenities to give you a top-notch experience.You’re also given full access to their smart fitness center, laundry room, and high-speed internet. 

Not all units are pet-friendly, so make sure to specify to the owner before booking. On the first floor, you have access to a yard and there’s also a fenced-in dog park, where Rover can socialize with other pups. 

Nearby, you can visit Manchester Dog Park, where both you and your dog can socialize as you take breaks from your summer projects. This park is within walking distance from this rental and is perfect for remote work owners who want to take their dogs out during their work break. 

Summer Luxury: Malibu, CA

If you’re looking for coastal luxury, there’s a dog-friendly Airbnb that you can’t miss in Malibu, California. Eagle’s Watch is one of Malibu’s most famous houses and a can’t-miss for dog owners in the Los Angeles area. 

Eagle’s Watch is a spacious three-bedroom home with two stories that are quiet and secluded. The property is conveniently located and offers many nearby activities. The host lives nearby and is happy to recommend the best activities and sights in the area.

This delightful home is complete with a kitchen, washer/dryer, free parking, and 36 amenities including beach essentials, a BBQ grill, a private patio, and a balcony with a hot tub. The living room has a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and stunning furniture. All bedrooms have king and queen-sized beds with huge windows facing the ocean offering a horizon-view tour-de-force!

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Summer’s Almost Here

One final thing to note: Providing accurate information about your dog’s temperament and needs before booking will ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation. Sharing these details will help the host prepare the best possible stay for you or inform you if it isn’t the best fit. 

Whatever your summer vacation plans are, there’s surely a dog-friendly Airbnb that can accommodate you. Cheers to a season of adventure, travel, and making memories with your furry best friend.

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