Go Beyond the Chip Clip: 7 Dog Food Storage Ideas

Whether your doggo is a growing puppy or a chilled-out senior, they’ve got something in common: they gotta eat. And while they may be eating the same food every day, that’s no excuse to get lax with their food storage. Improperly stored food can get stale, or worse, infested with icky bugs or mold. Keep canine’s kibble delish by pupgrading from the boring dog food bag to one of these dog food storage ideas!

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1. Start with the tried-and-true airtight food container set.


There’s a reason this set is so pup-ular—with the capacity to store at least 20 lbs of dog food, an extra bin for treat storage, plus a 2-cup food scoop, you can rest easy knowing pupper’s food is fresh.

Get it at Petco for $32.99.

2. Keep everyone else’s paws off with a personalized container.


Ok, so pup can’t read, but he definitely knows whose food is whose. Let there be no confusion in your household with a customized food container perfect for smaller amounts of food or treats.

Get it on Etsy for $36.98.

3. Avoid potential disaster with a stainless steel dog food container.


Got yourself a destructive doggo who’s managed to chew through every plastic container so far? Up the ante with a stainless steel dog food container. This bad boy is expertly designed with a magnetic scoop on the inside, an airtight seal, and an ergonomic handle that locks the lid from nosy snoots. 

Get it on Amazon starting at $99.99.

4. Send pup off to doggy daycare with a custom lunch bag.


Word on the sidewalk is that all the cool canines at daycare have custom lunch bags and your pup’ll never get to be top dog without one. Okay, your floof may be the one who started the rumor, but she just really wants one. If you’re sending your BFF to the sitter for the day, make sure her lunch never gets lost in the shuffle with one of these bags!

Get it customized on Etsy starting at $14.00.

5. Store pup’s food in style with these foldable containers.


There are obvi a puppin’ ton of practical solutions for storing your dog’s food, but what about an aesthetic one? These dog food containers come in fun colors like millennial pink and teal to fit your home’s twee styling. The containers even collapse to save space or be more travel friendly!

Get it on Amazon for $47.99.

6. Got a master thief? Get a dog food vault.


Are you convinced your doggo is actually a master thief who may be plotting to steal the Declaration of Independence? Fear not, there are no felonies in his future—his national treasure is just his dog food. But if you’ve got a crafty one, these dog food vaults may be just what you need. With a patented air-tight sealing system, they keep out both moisture and plotting pooches.

Get it on Amazon starting at $19.99.

7. Get it “to go” with this travel-friendly kibble carrier.


Gal on the go? Make leaving the house simple with Kurgo’s travel-friendly kibble carrier. These bags can carry up to 5 lbs of dog food and feature a roll-down top that helps keep out moisture and pests. Take it from this writer, this bag was the perfect amount of food for a week-long trip and was extremely convenient to fill and clean!

Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

How are you storing your pup’s breakfast? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog when you chow down with your chihuahua! 

Featured photo: Mathew Coulton

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