Dog Enrichment: Muffin Tins, Flirt Poles, & More

After a long holiday weekend, it’s time to get back to being a productive member of society. Your pup doesn’t want to be a freeloader, so give him a job. Enrichment is a great way to put your pal to work. Check out this week’s dog enrichment ideas!

Mental Enrichment for Dogs

You don’t need to know the muffin man to give this idea a whirl! Use the muffin tin from your quarantine baking to DIY an enrichment activity for your pup. Fill the bottom of the tin with your dog’s favorite kibble and treats and then cover them with tennis balls. Let your pups explore the tin themselves and sniff out their favorite snackies!

Physical Enrichment for Dogs

A big floofy dog tugs on an orange and yellow flirt pole. Flirt poles are one of the dog enrichment ideas for the week to tire your pup out!

We know your dog is in a committed relationship with the hottie at the dog park, but that doesn’t mean she can’t flirt a little. Try a flirt pole! This toy is a great way to mentally and physically tire your dog out. If it’s a rainy day or your high energy dog needs to get their ya-yas out, give them a workout by having them chase and tug the end of the pole. If you’re trying to give them a mental challenge, you can work on their basic manners and impulse control while playing. Toss in a few commands like sit, down, wait, or drop it during your play session.

You can buy a flirt pole or make one at home! All you need is about 4-6 feet of PVC, your pup’s favorite toy, and some rope. Thread the rope through the pipe, then tie a knot on both ends to keep the rope from sliding. Tie the toy to the end of the rope—and voila—tired pup!

Get the Squishy Face Flirt Pole on Amazon for $28.99.

Foodie Enrichment for Dogs

Your pup may be spoiled by their memory foam bed and puppacinos, but don’t forget that they have some natural instincts! Tap into your dog’s instinct for foraging by trying scatter feeding. It’s exactly what it sounds like: scatter some of your dog’s food on the floor and satisfy their urge to hunt and forage by letting them search it out.

What are your pup’s favorite ways to add a little enrichment to their day? Let us know in the comments!

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(Photo by Tadeusz Lakota)

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