Dog Enrichment Activities: Feeders, Balance Exercises, & More

“Back to School” season is over, and now we’re just in “school.” Your dog’s bored as heck and the only Zoom they want to do is zoomies outta remote class. Make learning fun again by trying some new dog enrichment activities! Gold stars are accepted for their amazing work, but snackies are preferred.

Mental Enrichment for Dogs

Princess has a natural instinct for picking the best groomer for her pawdicure, but don’t forget she’s got instincts for other things too! One of them is her ability to forage. We’ve already talked about scatter feeding, but up the ante with a food dispensing toy. What’s great about these is that your dog has to engage with them to get those sweet treaties. The food comes out unpredictably, so it adds a game of “Find It” to breakfast as well. It’ll have them working for their meal, but also gives them rewards for playing with appropriate things instead of your dope new shoes (RIP).

Physical Enrichment for Dogs

A brown and white shepard-like dog stands on a blue wobble board. Dog enrichment activities like these improve balance and physical strength.

In times of COVID, it’s all about balance…so why not try incorporating some into your dog’s enrichment? Balance exercises are great for dogs recovering from orthopedic issues, but also help keep all dogs strong and healthy (and hopefully live forever).

The easiest introduction at home is having them walk on uneven surfaces. It’ll be hard to keep them from taking a quick snoozle, but have them walk across folded blankets and pillows to start. Then try things like turning around, sitting, standing, or lying down. When your dog’s feeling a bit more pro, she can graduate to a Bosu exercise ball or wobble board. It’ll be great for focus and working on her core after all the quarantine munchies.

Get the Dog Agility Equipment Wobble Board for $78.99.

Food Enrichment for Dogs

Be Guy Fieri for a day and take your pupper to Flavortown. Frozen dog treats keep your buddy engaged with his meals and helps slow down his eating if your pup’s apparently started training for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest without letting you know. Create the sampler of his dreams by using a muffin tin and freezing his favorite snacks. Plus, using a muffin tin will help keep your pup from making a mess!

You can go seasonal and make your favorite pupkin spice recipes, start the holidays early and fix them up a Thanksgiving plate, or try one of these pupsicle recipes to keep summer alive.

What are you favorite dog enrichment activities? Let us know in the comments!

(Featured photo by Pezibear)

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