Are You Overpaying for Your Dog’s Dental Care in the Twin Cities?

As most of us probably already know, your dog’s oral hygiene is suuuper critical to his or her overall health, so it’s important that you do what you can at home for their dental care in addition to canine cleanings at the vet.

Today we’re talkin’ dollas–specifically, how much you might expect to pay for your four-legged friend’s professional cleaning here in the Twin Cities.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to nail down a number for how expensive it should be simply because there are a number of factors that can impact the price tag:

  • Is your dog going to be under anesthesia?
  • Does he need extractions?
  • Are X-rays in order?

It can add up quickly. So we turned to our trusty local Facebook group for answers.

Sheryl T. asked the group how much they pay to have their dog’s teeth cleaned at the vet, and fellow group members were quick weigh in with their experiences. Numbers ranged anywhere from as low as $200 to $1,600 in one case, but the most common cost was in the dog park of $500 for a professional cleaning (sometimes including extractions, anesthesia, etc.; sometimes not) in the Twin Cities.

It’s important to remember that this is a small sample size and that it’s possible to find doggy dental care at a wide variety of price ranges, so shop around to find the best value for both your furry friend and your wallet.

For more dog-related FAQs, lively discussion, friendly debates, great pup-friendly recommendations, and the cheekiest dog memes around, head on over to our Dog-Friendly Twin Cities group! After all, dog people are the best people. ♥

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