Wanted: 101 Dogs for Free CBD Pet Treat Trial

Does your best bud need some help kicking back and listening to NPR? We’re lookin’ for anxious doggos (poor bbs) to participate in an exclusive two-week trial with Okoa Pet. Does pup want to try their “Hush Puppy” CBD calming treats? (We honestly wish we could participate. Being calmer sure sounds nice.)

Fill out the quick survey below to see if doggo meets the qualifications—only 101 lucky dogs’ll be selected! Want to know more about the product first? (Spoiler alert: We approve!) Sniff out deets below the survey.

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We know testing new products with your beloved fluffers is high stakes. Check out the As to your Qs.

Tell me more about Okoa Pet. Are they legit?

Okoa Pet is a women-owned biz offering natural, clean supplements to support dogs through all life stages and a furiety of health concerns. They are experienced professionals, scientists, and veterinarians who love animals and want what’s best for their pets and yours.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

The safety profile of CBD is well established but, as with any nutritional supplement, there’s always the potential for an adverse or allergic reaction. Reactions are less likely with a high-quality, hemp-derived CBD product specially formulated for pets.

So what makes this dog CBD product unique?

Okoa processes their proprietary broad-spectrum hemp extract to reduce THC to negligible levels while retaining the full potency of CBD and other minor cannabinoids.

What the pup does that mean? To put it blunt, they’re giving your pup all the good calming effects without getting her high. Okoa Pet’s CBD extracts come from organic, sustainably-grown hemp sourced from Colorado, and the treats are formulated by a distinguished holistic veterinarian.

So are you ready to help your pup calm the F down? Take the survey above to see if you qualify for the trial. Hurry pup! This is an opportunity you won’t wanna miss.

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Aloha! Okoa comes from the Hawaiian word ‘Oko’a, which means transparent, different, and holistic. Okoa Pet is the name you can trust for your pet’s natural health and wellness needs.Their products are designed to maximize the natural benefits of the hemp plant while ensuring consistency, quality, and, ultimately, your pet’s safety.

Featured photo: Karolina Grabowska

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