Does Your BFF Have Dog-Awful Breath?

Photo by Roberto Nickson

Wouldn’t it be nice if our pups could brush their own teeth? Lazy dog owners unite: we just learned that cleaning their pearly whites can be as simple as letting them lap up some fresh H2O.

Enter TEEF!, a water additive made from natural, plant-derived ingredients that turns your pup’s water bowl into a molecular toothbrush, cleaning your dog’s mouth every time they drink.

Basically, it’s a ridiculously easy and effective way for us to do what we all know we should do, but often don’t (or can’t—here’s lookin’ at you, Chester The Toothbrush Murderer): brush our pups’ chompers!

You read that right, kittens—this stuff stops bacteria from converting sugar into acid and plaque, protecting against tooth decay, gum disease, and nasty, I-love-you-but-get-away-from-me breath.

Like so many great pet products, TEEF! was born from the love of a pet: specifically, the founder’s love for her 10-year-old rescue pup Tinsley, who had myriad health problems that were all traced back to a long life of neglected dental care. It’s made with 100% pure, plant-derived ingredients that are flavorless, human-grade, vegan, and completely safe for your pup (or cat).

The TEEF! team’s microbial technology has years of data, with proven efficacy in dogs for more than three years (and in humans for more than seven years). Just put it in Fido’s water bowl and let science work its freshy-fresh magic.

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