Fitness Goals: Denver Indoor Places to Walk Dogs

Is your Chiweenie’s resolution to count more steps in the New Year, but it’s too puppin’ cold outside for her delicate paws? Fear not. Yes, Denver is known for outdoor adventure opportunities, but do a little digging and you’ll also find plenty of opps for indoor places to walk dogs.

Dog-Friendly Home Improvement Stores

If your woofer likes to socialize while racking up the steps, sniff out home improvement stores. With their wide aisles and friendly staff, pup’ll ruv struttin’ her stuff while considering her next project. 

Home Depot’s pet policy can be a bit elusive (although we’ve never been turned away from a Denver-area store), but when in doubt, call first. Lowe’s Home Improvement is another good choice for indoor dog walks! 

Pet Stores Galore

Pet stores are also four paws up for indoor dog walks. Walking inside your local PetSmart or Kriser’s is a great way for puppies to learn manners or to build confidence in fearful rescue dogs, as they will almost always get the chance to boop snoots with other dogs during their shopping trips. 

Local shops like Mouthfuls in the Tennyson neighborhood and Two Pals & A Pup in Cherry Creek North are also worth exploring, especially if your doggo is a fashionista. Both have pawsitively awesome clothing sections for pups of all sizes. Best of all, the pet-loving employees aren’t going to kick you out if your pup gets a little too excited in the toy aisle. And did we mention free treats on your way out?   

Indoor Dog Parks

If you don’t mind paying for playtime, indoor dog parks are another great way for your doggo to exercise and socialize. Places like K9 Wisdom Training in Loveland and Champ Dog Park in Colorado Springs offer off-leash playgroups for dogs of all sizes and confidence levels. If your Rottie mix likes to play rough and rowdy, he can join the large dog Saturday session at K9 Wisdom Training. If your woofer is shy, there’s a different group with like-minded pups where she can interact at her own pace. Unlike doggy daycare, indoor playgroups require that you remain with your pup during their session. But who knows? You might just make some new dog parent pals of your own.

Denver Discount Shops

If floofer ruvs shopping as much as you, head to one of Denver’s many discount clothing and home goods stores. Ross, Marshalls, Homegoods, and TJ Maxx are all pup-friendly company-wide (although we always recommend you give your store a call first). These stores also have a lot of floor space, so you can get some good exercise while snagging some serious designer dud deals. And with what you save on yourself, there will be plenty left over to hit the dog aisle for a comfy new blanket or a memory foam bed. 

Shopping Malls

If your mutt likes the idea of mixing outdoor and indoor walks, then take her to one of Denver’s pedestrian shopping malls. The 16th Street Mall downtown runs for 1.2 miles and is filled with dog-friendly shops to bop into. The Cherry Creek North shopping district is another pup-welcome destination with multiple blocks of boutique clothing shops, high end furniture stores, and even designer decor like Hermès. Doggos can pee on trees between stores, many of which also put out water bowls. Hangry pups will dig the treats that associates dole out while pawrents try on clothes. Need a break? You’ll find pup-friendly patios at coffee shop Aviano and Denver’s favorite burger joint, The Cherry Cricket.

Want more? Sniff out our dog-friendly directory for breweries, wineries, shops, and more spots that are ready to welcome you and Fido with open paws. 

Featured photo: Dushyant Kumar

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