Denver Dog Socialization: Pupcoming Meetups and Events

Whether you were part of the great COVID adopt-a-pup craze or are a long-time doggy parent, chances are your dog felt isolated and lonely throughout the h*ckhole pandemic. Socializing is a fun, important part of a dog’s development and well-being. And let’s face it: us hoomans can be boring for our fun, adventurous four-legged floofs. While we aren’t out of the woods yet, gatherings are a bit safer these days. We sniffed out free dog meetups for some Denver dog socialization.

Denver Small Dog Social 

Tired of playing at the dog parks and wishing other pups would pick on their own size? Join Denver Small Dog Social. Established in 2008, this group offers a safe place for small and toy breed dogs to socialize. They host monthly get-togethers at EarthDog, along with dog park playdates. Deets are posted in their Facebook group

Denver Area Great Dane Meetup

Denver Area Great Dane Meetup is so festive, they recently threw their own special Pride Parade for their gentle giants. Boasting 700+ members, this public Facebook Group frequently posts pre-planned or spontaneous group hikes, birthday pawties, brewery hangouts, and more. 

Littleton Corgi Meetup

Is there anything more adorable than a park filled with hundreds of corgis? Pembroke, Cardigan Welsh, and mixed breed Corgis should check out this group for regular meetups around the metro, including options for seniors and pups with mobility issues.

Colorado Bernese Mountain Dog Meetup

Colorado Bernese Mountain Dog Meetup hosts a variety of events that embrace the ‘Berner’ mountain lifestyle–from simple strolls or picnics in the park to serious hikes and stand-up paddleboarding. They also proudly host annual events: Furry Scurry in May and Holiday Parades in December.

Wash Park Weenies: Dachshund Meetup Group

Looking for a pawfect photo opp for your Doxie? Join the Wash Park Weenies on their monthly prance around one of Denver’s most popular parks. While the pooches play, hoomans are encouraged to network and talk about training issues, health, wellness, and nutrition. 

Always Choose Dogs Chatfield State Park Event 

If you’re tired of endless doom scrolling and streaming services, check out Littleton-based nonprofit, Always Choose Adventures. This meet-up group specializes in socializing and outdoor events. 

What’s your fave doggo meetup in the metro? Know of any pawsome upcoming dog-socializing events? Woof at us in the comments or in our Dog-Friendly Denver Facebook Group.

Featured photo: Bharathi Kannan

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