5 Denver Garden Stores That Welcome Plant-Loving Pups

As the fast pace of Denver life trots along, it’s important to remember to stop and snarf the flowers once in a while. Luckily, friendly neighborhood garden stores are chock full of earthy, floral aromas, inviting outdoor decor, and all the supplies a gardener and their best friend could possibly need to start rolling around in the dirt. Check out these Denver nurseries for all your dog-friendly plant needs.

Tips for Taking Your Pup to Garden Stores

Before we get started, there are a few things to remember: your pup should be on his very best behavior and on a leash at all times. Remain attentive to your pup, as some plants, like tulips, azaleas, and lilies, are toxic to doggos. (ASPCA has a full list of dog-toxic plants.) Head to our shops directory for more deets and even more dog-friendly shops! Alright, on to the good stuff.

Dog-Friendly Denver Nurseries

1. O’Toole’s Garden Center

Featuring locations in Broomfield, Lakewood, and Littleton, O’Toole’s Garden Center is a Mile High fave for high-quality plants and customer service that offers advice on plants and soil best suited to our climate. Dogs’ll ruv the belly rubs galore and an endless array of smells. A kitty roams freely at the Littleton location, so maybe don’t take pup if he can’t mind his dogdamn manners.

2. Jensen’s Flower and Garden

Looking for a charming, locally-owned garden center and nursery? Head to Jensen’s Flower and Garden in Lakewood. Jensen’s is known for having the best hanging baskets in Colorado. Social butterfly doggos’ll dig exploring and rubbing noses with the shop Black Lab mix, Titan.

3. Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market

Locals love Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market in Aurora for their farmer’s markets, fun fall events, quality plants, and homegrown produce. As one of the largest garden centers in the metro, Nick’s also features an abundant selection of landscaping, gardenscaping, and pondscaping items and decor. Dogs’ll dig the ample room to roam and loving pats from staff. 

4. Tagawa Gardens 

Dream of being a master gardener? Go to Tagawa Gardens in Centennial. They offer a range of classes, which are currently virtual during the pandemic. This family-owned and operated nursery also offers an amazing selection of plants, flowers, and friendly staff. 

5. Jared’s Nursery

With 25 acres of space to sniff and roam, Jared’s Nursery is both a plant lover and doggo’s dream. Located in Littleton, the nursery features new plant varieties every year, one of the largest Easter egg hunts in the country, and a selection of unique, quirky gifts.

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