Delta Pet Carriers Launch at MSP Airport With Spill-Proof Hydration Systems, GPS Tracking, and More

Sit in coach with the rest of you peasants?! Pup that. Barking news for jet-setting pooches (and doggos tired of staging suitcase sit-ins): Delta’s got brand-new, high-tech travel crates at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. You don’t buy these Delta pet carriers. Instead, each carrier, called a CarePod, is part of your pup’s *gulp* $800 (plus taxes) ticket. $800 bones ain’t cheap, but this is the first time larger furkids have had anything resembling a first-class option so let’s dream.

First up, a couple features we totally ruv:

  • active GPS tracking to your cell via the Delta Cargo Control Center so you can see Fido’s journey every puppin’ step of the way. Trained experts digitally monitor and supervise every CarePod pet trip round the clock, and can even send a trained crew member to check on them on the ground.
  • a built-in, spill-proof water bowl that holds up to a liter of H20 (sorry kids, no tiny bottles of vodka).

“As the only airline to offer this premium pet travel solution, it represents a significant improvement for the millions of people that want to travel with their four-legged family members,” said Delta Cargo Vice President Shawn Cole in a news release.

Sounds peachy. Let’s take an even closer sniff:

(Image by Delta Air Lines)
  • Angled slats on door and windows keep doggo comfy and reduce visual stress from unfamiliar environments.
  • Weather insulated walls made of non-toxic materials protect dis presh cargo.
  • An indicator turns green when the triple-secure door’s safely locked.
  • They say the bright pink color’s for better visibility. We’re calling it fashion.

Dogs up to about 50 pounds can fit with a few restrictions: they must be at least 8 weeks old, and can’t be “snub nosed” or have “condensed facial features,” which can make breathing or cooling off during air travel more difficult (and also make the canine passenger appear more unimpressed with our own boarding group 27 seats and we just don’t need that energy, OK Cooper?)

If you’re flying Delta between MSP and ATL, BOS, JFK, LAX, LGA, MSP, PBI, or SFO, you can book your bestie a ride in one of these things three to 13 days before departure. Just show up with pup on a leash and proof of vaccinations three hours before your flight time. Delta plans to open up the service to 12 more U.S. cities by summer.

Would you buy your dog a flight in these Delta pet carriers? Woof at us in the comments.

(Photo by Delta Air Lines)

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  1. Nichole

    My brother was a mechanic for Northwest, and he rented a townhome in Detroit to keep his job for a couple of years. I took care of his Siberian Husky. He came close to driving from Michigan to pick her up and take her back with him. He would not even consider putting her in the cargo space of a plane, knowing how cold & noisy it would be in there. He never did put her on a plane, and she stayed with me for those 2 years.


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