These Four-Legged Vikings Fans Can’t Wait for the Big Game

Photo: @gusgusinthecity

Some might say it’s the golden (and purple) age for Vikings fans.

Everyone here in MN is pulling for the Vikings to bring it all the way home to the 2018 Superbowl, but even if it’s not meant to be, we’ve got a roundup of the Vikings’ biggest (and cutest), four-legged fans:

1. Finley has got to be one of the cutest Vikings fans we’ve ever laid eyes on.

2. Gordie and Lylle’s game faces never disappoint.

3. With this much on the line, Harmony‘s expression is all of us. WE CAN’T LOOK EITHER!

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4. Gus Gus has more game-day spirit than the average pup, and we’re all about it.

5. These pups are gearin’ up for the game in the cutest way possible.

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6. Jack is begging for a big win on Sunday, and the Vikings are sure to deliver. After all, who could resist those eyes? ❤️

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7. Sweet Stella is crossing her paws for a Vikings victory.

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Curse? What curse? We can’t wait to (hopefully) celebrate another Vikings win!

Do you have paw-sitively adorable pics of your furry friend dressed to the nines in purple and gold? We’d love to see them! Tag #SidewalkDog so we can give your pup some love.

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