5 Creative Crafts To Do With Your Dog

dog crafts

Admit it: there’s a ton of artistic talent between the two of you! Work together to create a few pieces you’ll treasure for years to come. Check out our favorite crafts to do with your dog. (We think they’ll look great on your gallery wall!)

1. Brootiful Pawprint Bouquets 

Isn’t it about time she makes up for digging up your garden with a lovely floral portrait? Begin by helping your pup dip her paw in a pretty colored non-toxic paint. Press her paw onto a paper or canvas as many times as you’d like! Just keep the prints toward the upper half of the composition. Next, help her out by painting in stems and pollen—that part’s hard without thumbs!

2. Arfing Arbor Art 

Did someone say treat?! Oh, nevermind…you said tree. Help your fuzzy friend make the most of it by creating a gorgeous portrait of foliage. Select non-toxic paint colors that match the season he’s going for and have him paint a whole bunch of pawprints in a cluster toward the top of the canvas. After his contribution has dried, paint or draw in a trunk and branches, and watch his glorious creation come to life.

3. Peanut Butter Picasso

Your pal is an *artiste*—not everyone is going to understand the inner workings of his brilliant mind, okay? An abstract painting is just the ticket to showcase his talents. For this one, you will need a large Ziploc bag and a canvas that fits inside of it. First, squirt dollops of paint on the canvas, and seal the bag. Then, spread some peanut butter on the exterior of the bag, and let your dog go to town! He will paint the canvas as he enjoys his treat, leaving you with a masterpiece.

4. Stenciled Stunners

Build on pupper’s peanut butter skills with this easy upgrade! Prep your canvas with painter’s tape in the shape you’d like. You could try her initial, a heart, a Christmas tree, or whatever her little heart desires. Next, add lots of smaller paint dollops in the colors you pawfer in the spots you’d like your fren to paint. Seal up the bag, and let the artist get to work! Once she’s all done, remove the tape, and oogle over her genius.

5. Good Boy Garland

Spruce up your holiday or everyday decor with a little help from doggo. Select his preferred painting method (both the pawprint and peanut butter methods work great!), and have him decorate several sheets of paper. Then, allow his art to dry before cutting into 1” strips. Form a chain link with one of the strips of paper, securing with either staples or tape (your call). Insert another strip of paper into the first chain link and secure it so that you now have a chain of two. Keep going until his garland is as long as he likes!

What are your favorite crafts to do with your dog? Woof at us in the comment and tag us in all pup’s DIY creations at #SidewalkDog!

Featured photo: Brands&People

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