Craft and Crew’s Newest Dog-Friendly Restaurant Opens Soon in Minnetonka

By now you may have heard that Craft and Crew plans to open a new dog-friendly restaurant, Duke’S on 7, in Minnetonka this June. They’ve been teasing it on Insta since January, but we’re spillin’ the kibble on insider deets that’ll get those tails thumpin’. Sniff out what we know about the menu, pawtio, and more. We’ll continue to update this article with barking news until opening day (planned for June 11).

Let’s Talk Pawtio

The Duke’S yearround dog-friendly pawtio will be their most mastiff yet! With a 14-seat outdoor bar, trees, greenery, string lights, and an 8-foot fence around the entire space, it’ll feel like a puppin’ oasis for dogs and their peeps.

Duke’S Menu

Yes, Duke’S will serve their world-famous three-course dog menu currently offered at The Block, The Howe, Pub 819, and Stanley’s. As a T-R-E-A-T for the humankind, they’ll offer 30+ beer taps and Maltipoo cocktails (including frozen!). We know where we’ll be day drinking this summer.

About 50% of the human food will be lifted from their existing menus, with additions centered on entrees (rotisserie chicken, fur sure) and desserts. We’re droolin’ more than a Bulldog lookin’ at the Muttloaf. 

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What’s In a Name?

Lastly, why Duke’S? Is that a typo? Heck no! Duke’S is an amalgamation of the owners’ names. À la Brangelina (forever in our hearts), owners David Benowitz and Luke Derheim create the portmanteau Duke, and the S represents the third owner, Steve Benowtiz. 

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on all the barking news between now and opening day! And share this article with all your pawtio pals.

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