Cow Meeting Puppy is the Day Brightener You Need

Let’s face it, many things happen every day that are beyond our control and we’re often left feeling overwhelmed. We’re surrounded by technology that never seems to stop pushing information our way, but sometimes we just crave simplicity, tenderness, and empathy. 

That’s why we’re so inspired by our animal counterparts, and in this particular instance: cows. 

Every pet owner knows how profound and significant the bond we have with our furry friends is. And that’s precisely why the following video of a cow meeting a puppy for the first time touches us so deeply. 

Sweet cow meets adorable puppy for the first time!

In this brief video posted on the Farm Sanctuary’s TikTok account, we see an inspiring act of empathy that is the perfect dose of sweetness to brighten up your day: A cow approaches a car and sticks his huge snout into the rolled-down window as he meets an adorable puppy for the first time.

Beast and tiny (and fluffy) creature bonded in the simplicity of a first encounter. Stuff Disney movies are made of: that warm and fuzzy feeling of “all is good.” All is safe. 

The @farmsanctuary is the TikTok account that filmed and published this adorable video. They’re an organization that combats the abuses of industrial farming and aims to create a new awareness and understanding of farm animals. 

And they did exactly that with this amazing video. In it, we see Greg, the cow, welcoming a new member to the Sanctuary: Cute Little Puppy. 

The video shows a true encounter between a real cow named Greg and a sweet puppy inside a car being taken to the farm sanctuary called The Farm Sanctuary. 

The farm has two locations with over 600 animals in their two areas: One in Los Angeles, California, and the other in Watkins Glen, New York.

As Greg bobs his nose into the window, he smells and nose-kisses the puppy and puppy sitter (the Sanctuary’s employee accompanying the pup). The video’s caption reads,” Cows like Greg are deeply social, curious individuals — just like dogs.”

In a mere 16-second video packed with loads of tenderness and interspecies love, we see a clear example of empathy: A curious cow peeking into a new friend, saying, “I see you. You’re cute. Let’s be friends!”

These signs of friendliness between such apparently different animals demonstrate how different mammal species can bond despite their differences. 

It’s a reminder that tenderness is simple and direct: Peeking into one another, recognizing our existence, and reaching out a hand (or a snout) of “nice to meet you.”

The video is soundtracked by a beautiful Coldplay tune called “Yellow,” released in 2000 in the band’s debut album, Parachutes. 

“Look at the stars, 

Look how they shine for you.”

As the song lyrics express beautifully, the feeling of “the stars shining on you” is what we feel when we see these simple and straightforward acts of friendship. 

Animals understand this perfectly. 

They know the value of each living second and how amazing the world around us is. That’s why they’re curious, like Greg, the cow. The fact that they’re eager to love and be affectionate to one another is a true testament to their sensibility and their advanced humanity that may very well exceed our own. 

But that’s too much to say, perhaps. Because everyone at the wonderful Farm Sanctuary is proof that there’s a shed of hope for us humans. Each employee who devotes their career to healing neglected and abused animals is an example of compassion and empathy for all sentient and living beings. 

They’re well aware of what we have to learn from animals, and they believe that by healing a broken system of animal exploitation we may wind up transforming ourselves for the better. 

In a fast-paced world that seems to pass by our eyes without us blinking, we have much to learn from the grandiosity of our animal counterparts. The simplicity of a smile, a nose-rub, a handshake.  

Learning to be curious, sweet, and friendly goes a long way in human-to-human interactions, just as it does in cow-to-puppy friendships. It’s a trait we should all strive to incorporate into our lives as we brace the mundane with joy and wonder, as if “the stars were shining on us.”

This simple TikTok video clearly impacted people as it has nearly 8,000 views, more than 1,400 likes, and many comments. Some commented on the sweetness of cows and how they use headbutts to show their appreciation:

“We have a Miss Bojangles on our farm, and she will literally headbutt you if she sees that you have a bucket. The kindest, sweetest soul” one commenter said.

Another user, who has met Greg in person, commented on how sweet they are.

“I loved meeting Greg! He’s a gentle giant.”

Greg would make a great subject for a Netflix sitcom featuring Cute Little Puppy and their never-ending friendship, despite some obvious differences that make for outlandish situations, always keeping in touch with the mundane and simplicity of a sanctuary life.

A cow-puppy series about nothing? Who knows what’s in the future for Greg and Puppy! 

What’s for certain, it’s filled with sunshine, snout-smooches, and love. 

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