Chill Out with The 10 Best Cooling Products for Dogs

Usually when it’s 95 and sunny outside, we humans opt for bikinis or board shorts instead of our finest furs. But your pup doesn’t have that option in the summertime, so products that keep her cool can be a real dogsend. Whether it’s a high-tech vest that works with water, a fancy bowl that keeps its contents chilly, or a canopy for canines who just have to be outside in the heat, here are 10 of our favorite cooling products for dogs.

1. A Super-Cool (and Super Cooling) Canine Vest 


The “Swamp Cooler” Ruffwear cooling dog vest gets absolute rave reviews from humans and pups alike. It’s a scientific marvel—the fabric reflects the sun away while “evaporative cooling” technology actually draws heat away from your dog—and all you have to do to activate it is get it wet. And it’s reflective for maximum visibility on those hot summer nights.

Find it on Amazon for $59.95.

2. A Budget-Friendly Dog Cooling Mat for Pups of All Sizes


It’s tough to beat this dog cooling mat from K&H for affordability, versatility, and effectiveness. You can use it by itself, in your dog’s crate, or on top of their existing bed. You can keep it inside, bring it outside, or… heck, take it camping! And it comes in a range of sizes for pocket pups and big boys alike. 

Find it at Petco starting at $12.99.

3. A Cooling Dog Bed That’s a Cut Above


Cooling dog beds can get pretty pricey, but the Original Elevated Pet Bed from Coolaroo is available on the cheap thanks to its simple design: It keeps your canine off of the ground, increasing air flow and keeping your pal cool and comfy. Available in a wide range of colors, from the terracotta (pictured here) to gunmetal gray to aquatic blue. 

Snag it from Amazon for $24.95.

4. A Fido-Friendly Fan 


Speaking of air flow, is it feeling a little stale in your canine’s crate? Consider getting him a cooling dog fan to increase air flow. This little battery-powered number is easy to install: Just pop in on the crate, no cords required. 

Find it on Amazon for $14.99.

5. To Quote the Rolling Stones: “Gimme Shelter”

V real looking dogs. | Amazon

If your bud loves being outside even in the most scorching summer heat, providing her with shelter and shade is a must. The high canopy on this elevated dog bed keeps harsh sun at bay while making it easy to get into and out of the bed, and its lightweight construction makes it great for camping or a trip to the beach.

Get it from Amazon for $65.99.

6. Cooling Collars for Staying Chill


Your bud’ll thank you when you’re an hour into a walk and they’re still feeling chill thanks to the lightweight fabric and flexible gel inserts on this cooling canine collar. It’s less bulky than some other cooling collars… and dare we say it’s kind of fashionable?

Get it on Amazon for $24.88.

7. A YETI Bowl for the Bougie Dog in Your Life


Now, does your pup need a $50 water bowl? Probably not. But this bowl from the big name in human-grade coolers and drinkware holds 64 ounces of water and is made of 18/8 stainless steel, so it’s as tough as they come, resistant to rust, and should keep water cold for a looooong time. 

Find it on Amazon starting at $49.98.

8. A Water Bottle-Bowl Combo for One-Handed Hydration


Walking or hiking without water is never a good idea, but it can be downright dangerous during those scorching summer months. This convenient one-handed hydration station makes remembering water easy, and getting it to your dog mess-free is as simple as giving the bottle a squeeze. 

Find it at Amazon starting at $14.99.

9. This Car AC Extender—Yes, It’s a Real Thing That Exists


You ever look at something and go, “Wow, I uh… never would have thought of that!” The Noggle air vent extender is one such product, but people say it works great for getting air to the backseat and trunk of the car. It’s billed as being for kids, but it’ll help keep your pup cool on long drives too. (Remember, we are never ever ever leaving our dogs in hot cars unattended!)

Get it from Amazon for $47.98.

10. We’ve Said It Before and We’ll Say It Again: Pet! Pool!


It’s foldable, it’s portable, it’s durable, it’s super-cute—and it’ll give your pal something cool to do during summer heatwaves. And if you really want to keep it cool this summer, don’t miss our list of the best water toys for dogs!

Get it on Amazon starting at $29.99.

Got a favorite canine cooling vest, water bowl, pool—or something else entirely? Bark that baby out in the comments!

Featured photo: Ruffwear

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