7 Dog-Friendly Colorado Drive-In Theaters

Back in the olden times, pooches and their peeps actually left the couch to catch a movie under the stars at the drive-in theater. In those simpler days, a flick-loving floof could bask in the glory of a good movie without the shadow of Rotten Tomatoes or a Twitter roast (everypuppy’s a critic, right?). Luckily for us in Colorado, drive-in theaters are still running strong. We sniffed out 7 dog-friendly drive-in theaters for you and pup to enjoy. 

Drive-in Theater Etiquette

We admire your dog’s free spirit, but all drive-in theaters require that your dog stays leashed while outside the car. Some theaters carry extra doggy waste bags at the snack bar, but bring your own just in case. And for dog sakes, if your fluff is a barkasaurus, keep him home. 

And now for our feature presentation…

Colorado Drive-in Theaters

1. 88 Drive-In – Commerce City

Denverites, wanna check out a drive-in theater without having to take a heckin’ road trip? Head to 88 Drive-In, which is the last remaining one of its kind in the metro. Featuring three screens, 88 Drive-In usually offers at least one child-friendly flick for your sweet puppy (or puppy at heart). Tickets are sold at the box office only, so get there when they open at 7 p.m. to claim the best spot. 

2. Holiday Twin Drive-In – Fort Collins

Lighting up the Front Range for 50 years (yes really, and that’s in human years!), Holiday Twin in Fort Collins is celebrated as a nostalgic, magical place for first-run double features. If it’s a nice night, bring your own chairs to cozy up and enjoy the show with your fren. Come hungry and thirsty; they offer a range of yummy food and beverages. Tickets and food can be ordered in advance.

3. Blue Starlite Drive-In – Minturn

Located 8,000 feet above sea level, The Blue Starlite is the highest drive-in in the country, so doggo can check that off the bucket list. The Blue Starlite is a mini-urban drive-in, meaning you can walk in, ride your bike, or bring a car. Note: Tickets are priced per person, not by the car. Order tickets in advance, because they sell out fast!

4. Star Drive-In – Montrose

Nestled in the quiet yet scenic Western Slope, Star Drive-In is the perfect place to bask in the glow of a movie screen under the backdrop of a starry sky. Get your tickets at the box office, which opens 45 minutes before dusk, so you and your doggy date can soak in the sunset before the movie. Psst–make sure to order a hamburger. Locals rave they’re better than In-N-Out. 

5. Comanche Drive-In Theatre – Buena Vista 

Watch the sunset with an epic view of the mountains in the background before catching a flick at  Comanche Drive-In Theatre. Tickets are only available at the gate, so be sure to get there early to snag your spot. Comanche Drive-In also features virtual and live concerts on the screen; check their website for the schedule. Dogs with chill are allowed, but must remain in your car, so this might not be the best spot for the hyperactive woofs.

6. Tru Vu Drive-In – Delta 

Nestled in scenic Delta, Tru Vu Drive-In shows a kid-friendly early feature at 8:15 and a late-night adult feature at 10:15. Tickets can be purchased via their website, although the owners recommend buying at the box office to avoid fees. Tru Vu asks dogs to stay in the vehicle at all times, except for when nature calls. Sounds like the perfect time for your sleepy pooch to squeeze in a snooze. 

7. Mesa Drive-In – Pueblo

As of publication date, Mesa Drive-In in Pueblo had not yet announced an opening date for 2021, but we recommend checking their website for up-to-date deets. Paws crossed that Southern Colorado’s go-to drive-in theater opens this year. Mesa features three screens and a double feature, a great concession selection, and affordable prices. Dogs are welcome to hang outside the car with their peeps as long as they’re leashed.

Where’s your dog’s fave drive-in theater? Woof at us in the comments, post in our Dog-Friendly Denver Facebook Group, and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in your Insta pics.

Featured photo: Tim Mossholder

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