Pupping Up on Sidewalks Near You: DogSpot Dog Pods

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DogSpot dog pods: for chill dogs only?

Say you and your pup are out on the town, but your errands include a few that don’t welcome the woofers. In more and more cities across the country, DogSpot dog pods give pupper a safe n’ secure “sanctuary” to stay put while you run in. (Editor’s note: Northtown Mall in Blaine just opened Minnesota’s first DogSpot on Jan. 3. And the DogSpot app says several are coming soon to Seattle.)

The DogSpot app lets you reserve a specific dog pod in 15-minute increments. It’s 30 cents per minute, which’ll run you $4.50. The accommodations include both air conditioning and a padded, heated floor, to help pupper feel extra comfy. (Looks like they’re even big enough to house a Great Dane, according to recent photos on @dogspot.) A UVC light also sanitizes each house between uses so it’s ready fur the next canine customer.

Whaddya think, Sidewalk Doggers? Would you pod your dog in one of these DogSpot dog pods? Woof at us in the comments!

(Photo by DogSpot)

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