Deck the Paws: Christmas Safety for Dogs

The big day is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time to think about putting your pooch first. Sidewalk Dog is one snowy paw print ahead with our safety recommendations to keep pup happy and healthy. Read our top tips when it comes to Christmas safety for dogs.

Decorate Deliberately

When you’re decking the halls, there’s a myriad of mischief your canine can get into with tinsel and twinkle lights. There can be some real danger in that manger, and we all know that Fido chompin’ on your nativity scene may get him on the naughty list. Remember: Cover those electrical cords, take care with candles, and keep decorations out of reach.

Mind the Mistletoe

Watch your dog’s wandering nose around holiday plants like mistletoe, lilies, Christmas roses, and holly. If you want a seasonal pick, poinsettias are only mildly toxic unless ingesting the whole plant (don’t encourage pup to eat it or anything though). If your curious canine ingests off-limits flora (jiminy Christmas!), ring up the Pet Poison Helpline, open 24/7.

Take Care with the Tree

Avoid Christmas calamity by displaying your tree in a corner, affixed to the wall. Hang ornaments out of reach, and if your best bud just can’t help himself, tin foil around the base of the tree is a great deterrent. If pup likes to mark on nature, keeping him out of that room may be best for your tree, sense of smell, and sanity.

Give ’Em Some Space

Whether you’ve got all of the wise men coming to celebrate or it’s just you and your close friends and fam, make sure you think about how Fido fits into your festivities. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: know thy dog. If the sights, sounds, and smells of the season might be too much, set aside a special room specifically for your pooch, decked out with her creature comforts. 

If you want her to be part of the action, consider wearing her out with a good run or trip to the dog park before the party.

Prep the Guests

If Rover’s comfortable roamin’ during holiday gatherings, prepare your guests for the potential pup dangers: over-excitement, getting into food, destroying decorations—the list goes on. Also, set up ground rules with your guests to make sure that they’re not training Fluffy to be on the naughty list all year long! Establish the rules on human food, jumping on guests, and other habits that come with the season.

Hide the Loot

While no puppy parent wants to be a Scrooge, maybe don’t keep the gifts under the tree in anticipation of Christmas morning. The temptation of tearing into presents could be too much for your holiday hound to handle (especially if he catches a smell of that new bone, just for him!), so hide your gifts until the big day.

Have a Plan

With all of your guests coming in and out of your home, you may be too distracted while rockin’ around the Christmas tree to notice your Houdini making his great escape. Ensure your pup is microchipped and registered. If dog forbid your dog slips out, get on the horn with neighbors, friends, and the local shelter to get the search party underway.

Happy holidays, party animals!

How are you and your pup celebrating the holiday season? Woof at us in the comments and tag  #SidewalkDog in your holiday adventures! 

Featured photo: Karsten Winegeart

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