8 Self-Service Dog Washes in Chicago

daschund in a basin bath.

Wet dog, dirty dog, stinky dog—you’ve seen it all. From the tempting mud puddles on a rainy walk to rolling on the beach, pupper has a penchant for mess. Luckily, Chicago offers plenty of self-service dog washes so you can get Fido clean and not have to snake your apartment shower’s drain immediately afterward. In search of a dog wash near you? Check out some of these great spots to give pup the spaw day he deserves after a long day of getting dirty.

1. Salon Dog

Salon Dog definitely has the salon part of their name down, with luxury grooming in addition to their DIY dog wash stations, but they don’t forget about the dog. They have a full store with everything your pup could need, including an entire bakery case that sources their doggy treats from three small businesses.

2. Spotless Dog Wash

Located in Evanston, Spotless Dog Wash is for our neighbors on the North Side. After your dog gets her paws dirty on a stroll around the gorgeous Northwestern campus right on Lake Michigan, swing by this self-serve dog wash to clean her up!

3. Urban Pooch

Urban Pooch’s self-serve dog wash makes washing your canine bestie a family affair. They supply everything you’ll need to get your dog looking like he’s a hair model. Most importantly, they even have raincoats for your kids so they can jump right in to help clean the pup!

Note: The self-service station is only at their Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center location at 5400 N Damen Ave.

4. Kriser’s

From treats to toys, Kriser’s is already selling nearly everything your dog could ask for, but did you know that many of their Chicago locations also offer self-service dog baths? Check their store locator to make sure your local spot has self-wash options.

5. Anchored Paws

What’s in a name? According to Anchored Paws Grooming-Retail-Self Wash: grooming, retail, and self wash. After your v good girl gets a bath, let her pick out some snaccos from the re-tail section.

6. Bark N’ Bubbles Doggy Day Spa

Bark N’ Bubbles Doggy Day Spa is in Hyde Park, but your dog won’t want to hyde after having a spa day at this day spa! After his bath, let him strut his stuff on the way to The Promontory‘s lush, dog-friendly patio so his fans can admire his shiny coat.

7. Urban Canine

Don’t let your dog be made fun of at daycare for not being hip. Check out Urban Canine, the self-proclaimed hippest Chicago grooming salon. They have everything you need, plus staff on hand so you can ask questions about what your dog needs to be voted “Shiniest Coat” in her daycare’s superlatives.

8. Mutt Jackson

After getting down and dirty at Montrose Dog Beach, pop over into Mutt Jackson’s pup-up wash station. Your car is already covered in dog hair, no need to add sand and lake water to the mix. After getting squeaky clean, perhaps somepuppy has earned a snack for the road? Just a thought…

Trying to go a little longer between self-service doggy baths? Check out 20 things to do with your pup indoors. And if bath time is in your pup’s future, don’t forget to show us the before and after by tagging @SidewalkDog on the ‘Gram.

Featured photo: Oritslama

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