7 Insta-Worthy Chicago Murals for Pup

Your dog’s fans are tired of the same old couch photos. Add a little *spice* with photos at these Chicago murals. Leash up—her followers are waiting!

1. The Happy Garage

Just try and stay in a bad mood next to this sunny Chris Uphues piece at Winona and Ravenswood. Bonus: it’s just steps away from Empirical Brewery if all this photoshootin’ makes your fren thirsty.

2. Selena Mural

What’s better than a portrait of Selena? Five of them. Sniff out this vibrant mural by Inner City Cultura and Ascend at Canicera Maribel at Wood and Cermak in Pilsen. 

3. Greetings from Chicago Mural

The first Greetings From mural (you can now catch ‘em all over the country!) features a series of images tourists think of when they think about Chicago—and okay, we like some of ‘em too. Snap a pic of your pup in Logan at 2226 N. Milwaukee.

4. Walter Payton and Michael Jordan Mural

Capture 4 Chicago icons at this mural by Max Sansing: Sweetness, MJ, your dog—and Jeppson’s Malört. Located in East Pilsen at CH Distillery, one of our favorite dog-friendly Illinois distilleries.

5. Dripping Rainbow Mural

Brighten up pup’s day at Dripping Rainbow by Ryan Tova Katz. Grab the cuuutest pic of you gettin’ your ROY G BIV on at 1250 W. Grace.

6. Frida Kahlo Mural

You already know your dog is a beautiful butterfly. Show everyone else with a pic at the 18-foot Frida Kahlo mural by Robert Valadez near 18th and Paulina directly below the Pink Line.

7. Robin Williams Mural

No matter what anyone says, your pup’ll always be a prince to you. Catch this larger-than-life mural by Jerkface on the side of Concord Music Hall (just a hop, skip, and a jump from dog-friendly Pilot Project Brewing).

What Chicago murals does your pup find the most Instagrammable? Make sure to tag #SidewalkDog / @SidewalkDog when you’re checking out local street art!

Featured photo: Mandy Dempsey Photography

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