Lift Pup’s Spirits at 6 Dog-Friendly Chicago Liquor Stores

With Chicago’s winter upon us and indoor service at bars and restaurants still closed, it’s time to head to the liquor store so you can stock up the ol’ bar at home. Your dog may have heard you say “lick-her” store, but he’s still in. Check out these dog-friendly Chicago liquor stores, and don’t forget, it’s not drinking alone if your dog is there! 

Note: Bottles of booze can be pricey, so if you’ve got a pup maybe a little too excited about buying his first drink, it may be a good idea to leave them at home this time. 

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1. The Corner Bar

Here at Sidewalk Dog, we love a woman-owned business, and Bucktown’s The Corner Bar is best in show. Formerly a speakeasy posing as an ice cream parlor, this dive bar has pivoted during COVID and adopted a bodega model that still sells liquor (of course), but also coffee, snacks, and goods from local makers. Fluffy knows that shopping small is the best way to keep our fave local businesses around during COVID, so give her a treat for being a conscientious shopper.

2. Stelios’ Bottles and Bites

Stelios’ Bottles and Bites has it all with a bar, restaurant, and of course, liquor store. While COVID has the restaurant and bar portions of Stelios’ closed right now, thirsty pet owners can rejoice! The liquor store is still open, and based on their Instagram feed, they’ll probably be happier to see your pup than you. 

3. Beermiscuous

So beer isn’t a liquor, but if you’re missing bars, then you’re probably missing the Chicago bar staple of a boilermaker (a beer and a shot of whiskey). Check out Beermiscuous in Lakeview to get one of the ingredients for your favorite drink deal. Whatever you pick up there will probably be nicer than what you get at your local bar, but you can pour some beer on the floor and dim the lights if you want an authentic dive bar experience.

4. Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar

Zagat has called Maria’s the “epitome of a South Side best-kept secret,” but your pup hasn’t learned how to speak yet, so we’re hoping she can stay mum. This stalwart of Bridgeport has more than 470 craft beers on rotation, fun cocktail kits, and of course, all the liquor you need. However, what you didn’t need until now is some Polish-Korean fusion food, which you can pick up from the attached Kimski as takeout, or eat it on their patio during the warmer months. 

5. The Beer Temple

Thankfully at The Beer Temple, beer isn’t the only liquid worshipped. Their bottle shop is just steps away from the taproom and offers an extensive selection of all your favorite bevvies. They’re also offering local delivery and curbside pickup, just in case Fido may be a little too excited when he sees nice bottles. While you’re drinking at home right now, don’t forget to come back to check out their dog-friendly taproom once COVID restrictions are lifted!

6. Cardinal Wine & Spirits

If you’ve got a people-friendly, dog-friendly dog who’s not here for frills when it comes to his alcohol, Cardinal Wine & Spirits (4905 N. Lincoln Ave.) is the perfect spot for him. This liquor store with an attached sports bar has daily drink deals and a convenient parking lot. Each location is individually owned, so make sure your nearest location is dog-friendly!

After your visit, we recommend making one of these cocktails named after dogs.

What liquor stores in your area have the best sniffs for your pup? Drop us a comment below and tag us with #SidewalkDog on Instagram so we can see all the fun drinks you’re making with your dog! 

Featured photo: Daniel Brunsteiner

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