When It’s Ruff Outside: Chicago Indoor Dog Parks

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Everypuppy knows you have to experience the lows (Chicago spring and winter) to appreciate the highs (Chicago fall and summer), but unfortunately, pup’s zoomies are not seasonal. We have a whole guide on what to do during Chicago’s cold season, but sometimes your buddy just needs to play with his frens at the park. We dug up the deets on Chicago indoor dog parks and playtime spots to keep your hound happy during inclement weather!

K9 University

Unlike regular college (booooring), this university still has recess. K9 University offers open play at their climate-controlled indoor space and gorgeous outdoor space (weather permitting). The open play dog park is open on Saturday and Sunday from 9-11 a.m. Pricing starts at $15/pup and preregistration is required on their site, so woof ahead!

Wag N’ Paddle

Did you move to the suburbs because your dog yapsolutely insisted on a yard, and now she refuses to use it when it’s raining? Well if you’re near Naperville, you’re in luck. Wag N’ Paddle offers an indoor dog park with nearly 9,000 square feet of fenced-in, climate-controlled, and employee-monitored fun with frens! In addition to the indoor park, there’s an outdoor space with 4,000 square feet of bootiful nature views. A one-hour pass is $20 for non-members or you can sign pup for a membership and get unlimited park visits for $70/month. You can find more pricing and registration info here.

Good pups deserve playtime, and all pups are good pups! | Heena Bhatt

Bosly’s Backyard

Let’s not forget that reactive rovers need playtime too! Just because floof isn’t a fan of other canines, doesn’t mean she should be excluded from the fun. That’s where Bosly’s Backyard comes in. One of Chicago’s only spaces designated for solo (or small group) playtime, Bosly’s offers over 2,400 square feet of indoor space exclusively for introverted doggos. You can bring her fave treats, toys, and peeps without the fear of other pups getting nosy! Small group play sessions start at $35/pup, book spot’s spot here!

More Indoor Dog Activities in Chicago

If you’re trying to spice up your playtime, why not try some of these other indoor activities in Chicago?

Indoor Swimming Pools

Got a water dog? Whether your pup is a master of the doggy paddle or just wants to dip his toe in the giant water bowl, sign him up for a swim time at Doggy Paddle Aquatic Center for Dogs. Weekday swims start at $32—more pricing info here.

Indoor Places to Rent

No matter when your floofer’s birthday actually is, you won’t hear her barking at the idea of her own private pawty any time of year. Rent one of these dog party venues in Chicago and invite her besties to DIY your own dog park!

Indoor Walks

Physical activity is fun and all, but it doesn’t always have to be a whole thing. Sometimes all you and your BFF need is a nice stroll indoors. Check out these dog-friendly spots to walk pup when the weather is frightful. 

What are you and your dog’s fave indoor activities? Woof at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog in your cold-weather adventures!

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